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Pick of the Week #665 – Young Justice #1

Show Notes

This week in talking comics, Conor Kilpatrick’s loopy and Josh Flanagan’s grumpy and we all learn something about John Ostrander.

Running Time: 01:07:54

Pick of the Week:
00:01:41 – Young Justice #1

00:14:33 – Criminal #1
00:19:56 – Batman #62
00:24:01 – The Green Lantern #3
00:29:09 – Captain Marvel #1
00:41:36 – Green Arrow #48
00:43:15 – Turok #1
00:44:53 – DIE #2
00:48:07 – Aliens: Dust To Dust #4
00:50:14 – Bully Wars #5

Patron Pick:
00:51:36 – Young Justice #1 (Ratings!)

Patron Thanks:
00:54:17 – Philip Robey
00:55:48 – Bryan Pittard
00:56:34 – Brian
00:57:44 – Tim Ostrander

Audience Question:
01:00:21 – Pete S. from Washington Heights, NYC wants to know why old comic scripts don’t get redrawn by modern artists.

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“To Be Young (Is to Be Sad, Is to Be High)”
Ryan Adams


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  1. Another stellar podcast my friends!

    My “pull-list” this week was full of “Pick of the Week” titles…

    Young Justice #1 as you talked about, was good old fashioned comic book fun. Bendis is batting a 1000 right now at DC. (And seriously, I know it makes you groan, but you should search out his Walmart Batman series. Best Written Batman book on the stands right now.)

    Speaking of good old fashioned comic book fun, The Green Lantern #3 continues to deliver just that. I absolutely love the retro feel of Morrison and Sharps story.

    Batman #62…. uh…. um…. fucking Tom King man. If this dude wasn’t so talented I would be suspicious of his post wedding issue Batman run. Is this guy just messing with us and secretly hates the character and just phoning in scripts? Or is there a larger canvas and picture we just can’t see yet because we are getting little bits and pieces at a time? And in the end, when we step back and see the whole painting, we’ll understand and appreciate it? I hoping for the latter but I’m starting to get frustrated.

    Has this been the first time, since Morrison’s JLA, a Justice League comic has been this entertaining for this long? In Justice League #15 Snyder and Co. sustain the enjoyment of DC’s premier team book – as it should be – with a captivating “heist” story on Hawkworld. Just wish Cheung had handled the art on the whole issue.

    And I have I say, I’m a little shocked at you dudes for not talking about Martian Manhunter #2 on today’s episode. Holy shit man, where did this Orlando guy come from?! My only exposure to his previous work was on that other Justice League of America book, and that writing was just “okay”. But this shit? This is next level stuff. Steve Orlando and artist Riley Rossmo are constructing a masterpiece here. J’onn J’onzz has never felt more human and alien at the same time – not an easy feat. The Martian home world is fleshed out and expansive, filled with characters and vistas you want to spend time with and not just hurry up and turn the page. And honestly, guys, how can this book not have been your pick of the week with dialogue like this, “You’re not waiting with the body? Did you at least do the preliminary THOUGHTOPSY?” Thoughtopsy, yes!!!!!

  2. Great pic for the song guys!
    Can’t beat a bit of Ryan Adams!

    • Wow yes great song but 18 years ago did I realize how much of a Dylan pastiche it is? Show opened and I thought it was a subterranean homesick blues cover. Everybody must get high!

      Also great show, great point about GL being more of a military than a cop book recently.

  3. How about this for a patron power-
    Blank__ Is a comic book writer that while possessing a considerable amount of talent can write Anything and No single comic book reviewer will be able to say they just didn’t like it. Blank__ has the additional power to make friends with said critics so even when they want to dislike something they have done they – just- can’t bring themselves to say it.

  4. Definitely on board for Josh’s rant this week!

  5. Hey guys, there is one notable example of a full issue redraw I can think of. When GiJoe from Marvel was cancelled, mail delivery subscription ended at issue #155. If you were (like I was) a subscriber by mail and you still had issues left to fulfill your order, you got GiJoe Special #1. This was published two months after the last issue was released. It reprints issue #61 of the regular comic, but with artwork originally created by Todd McFarlane but replaced before publication. The artwork is HORRIBLE. It was some of Todd’s earliest Marvel work and they started seeing the pages coming in and got another artist to draw it in time for print. I still have mine. Here is a lot more about that including some of the pages.


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