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Pick of the Week #661 – American Carnage #1

Show Notes

In this special post-Thanksgiving episode, Ryan Haupt steps in for Josh Flanagan and both he and Conor Kilpatrick are exhausted. But things pick up by the end and there’s way more dinosaur wang talk than one would normally expect from this show.

Running Time: 01:00:00

Pick of the Week/Patron Pick:
00:02:08 – American Carnage #1

00:09:17 – Batman #59
00:13:53 – Nightwing #53
00:17:22 – Marvel Knights: 20th #2
00:20:25 – Archie #700
00:27:20 – Mars Attacks #2
00:28:54 – Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive #2
00:31:56 – Uncanny X-Men #2
00:36:51 – Middlewest #1

Star Wars Corner:
00:39:40 – Star Wars #57

Patron Thanks:
00:44:35 – Ellen Jurczak
00:46:32 – Ethan Dezotelle
00:47:13 – Ross Fenion
00:48:36 – Daredevol

Audience Question:
00:50:07 – Ken from the Great White North needs an update on the dinosaur genitalia situation from last week’s episode.

Here’s the information on the Story Collider event in Washington, D.C. in which Ryan Haupt will be appearing on December 13.

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“Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”
Darlene Love


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  1. Love him or hate him, you can say this about Tom King, he’s definitely keeping things interesting.

    And that’s half the battle these days: keeping our attention.

    Batman hitting Gordon? Yeah, not cool, and not my kinda of “Batman”, but hell, I can’t wait to see where this story goes.

    It’s a bumpy ride King is taking us on, and I’m strapped in for the journey.

    By the way, you know who is writing the best Batman Book right now? Bendis. Over on his “Walmart” Batman run. Chapter 3 just dropped this week and holy shit, it’s by far the most “Bendis” of Bendis since he’s been at DC. Incredibly fun story. Worth tracking down!

    • I also thought the Gordon punch was too much. I get it, King’s trying to show that Bane’s rattled Batman worse than he’s been in a long time, but… no. Snapping/cursing at Gordon would have sufficed. But I couldn’t see Batman punching him.

      It reminded me of a more laughable overdone moment written by Scott Snyder (if I recall correctly) which featured Batman clocking Dick out of nowhere, simply because Batman knew Dick had a secret transmitter hidden in one of his teeth, and Batman had to dispose of it fast and without discussion. At the time, I thought… why tf could you not have just written ‘say nothing, but you have a transmitter in your tooth and we need to dispose of it’ ?! LOL But I guess Batman writers and editors are sometimes so desperate for action and violence that it has to be shoehorned into beats where it naturally wouldn’t belong.

  2. So much more about dinosaur sex than I ever imagined in one podcast.

  3. Nothing signifies that Thanksgiving is over more than the first Darlene Love appearance for the year!

  4. American Carnage, which I haven’t read, sounds an awful lot like BlacKKlansman (I think that’s how you spell it), which was based on an insane true story of a pair of cops, one black, one Jewish, who infiltrated the KKK. Have you guys seen it? It’s fantastic.

    • Hmmmm… kind of. I’ve seen it and it’s only kind of similar. They are both undercover scenarios involving white supremacist groups but that’s about where the similarities end at the moment.

    • I see… Cool, that’s just what sprung immediately to mind while you guys were discussing it. Either way, though, it does like a promising series. I’ll probably wait for the trade, though.

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