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Pick of the Week #657 – The Sentry #5

Show Notes

Conor and Josh are back at the helm on a week that made picking a winner a little dicey. But pick we must, because we must pick. Some things come to an end and many new things begin, as #1 issues fly at us with reckless abandon. The jamokes find common ground on at least one creator, and we barely talk about being old at all.

Running Time: 01:13:54

Pick of the Week:
00:01:23 – The Sentry #5

00:10:23 – Moon Knight #200
00:16:09 – Action Comics #1004
00:22:52 – Usagi Yojimbo: The Hidden #7
00:26:47 – Mars Attacks #1
00:35:13 – Books of Magic #1
00:37:26 – Infinity Wars: Arachknight #1
00:38:59 – What If? Thor #1
00:42:17 – Aliens: Dust to Dust #3

Patron Pick:
00:46:21 – Lodger #1

Patron Thanks:
00:51:24 – Corey A. Goodwin
00:52:23 – James Nasralla
00:54:13 – Matt Skaba
00:55:09 – Bryce Sheppard

Audience Questions:
00:56:34 – Patrick from North Carolina wonders if creators can get their groove back by switching publishers.
01:02:43 – Zach from Texas asks if we get the FOMO.

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“Gold Rush”
Death Cab for Cutie


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  1. Yeah, I didn’t vote for Lodger because I am actually with you guys on this. Lapham’s stuff, or whatever little of it I’ve read, does absolutely nothing for me. Don’t even really enjoy his art. As you say, his work is not bad but it leaves me entirely cold.

    I actually didn’t realize that it was only Ron who didn’t like his stuff, though. Though, come to think of it, I do recall either Ron or Paul describing almost every issue of Stray Bullets and at least one of you just responding with utter bewilderment that anyone would want to read something so relentlessly bleak.

    I’m actually not sure what I did vote for this week, weirdly enough. It really was one of those weeks where I had nothing that I really wanted to hear your guys’ opinion on. Well, except for Action Comics but I knew there was no way you wouldn’t talk about it. I’ve been really enjoying Bendis’ Superman but I do have trouble buying Lois’ reasoning.

    Oh and I just realized what Goldrush reminds me of: Dry the Rain by the Beta Band! Cool song, though.

  2. Y’all aren’t alone. Bendis on Superman is amazing. Every issue has at least one moment in which I’m flabbergast that people have had SUCH a hard time with writing Superman because Bendis seems to be doing it with ease.

    This is my favorite book of the year. What a freakin’ time for Superman and Batman comics right now….

  3. Oh come on guys, Superman wasn’t that bad before Bendis took over.

    Tomasi, Jurgens, Gleason, Mahnke, and Jimenez were delivering stellar Superman comics the last few years before Bendis came over from Marvel. Incredibly fun and emotional stories with top notch art.

    With that said, Bendis and Sook just took the bar set by the previous creative teams and raised it with Action Comics 1004.

    Great time to be a Superman fan.

  4. I’ve read every issue of Stray Bullets and even I really didn’t care for Lodger.

  5. Mark Russell alert: the Green Lantern/Huckleberry Hound Special that came out today looks wonderful!

  6. Long time listener first time caller.

    Sentry has indeed felt a bit unfinished over the years. Glad to hear this series is nice. I’ll pick it all up tomorrow

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