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Pick of the Week #656 – Cover #2

Show Notes

Josh Flanagan is away this week so special guest Paul Montgomery steps into his old co-host role! There’s a lot to talk about so we had no choice but to go extra long to fit it all in! Why so long on a week with so few books? Well, Conor Kilpatrick unleashes quite a bit of Dick Grayson angst, for starters.

Running Time: 01:22:00

Pick of the Week:
00:02:00 – Cover #2

00:12:57 – Thor #6
00:21:05 – Nightwing #51
00:31:59 – Archie 1941 #2
00:40:25 – Strangers in Paradise XXV #7
00:43:34 – Shuri #1
00:49:18 – Black Hammer: Age of Doom #6
00:51:29 – The Life of Captain Marvel #4

Patron Pick:
00:55:52 – Lucifer #1

Patron Thanks:
01:01:13 – Micah Lambert
01:02:38 – Chris
01:03:35 – Trevor McDonough
01:04:29 – Michael Mattinson

Making Comics:
01:07:25 – Conor and Paul discuss their new comic book, Dreadnought: Legends #1, which is available NOW, digitally, on ComiXology and Steam!

01:17:53 – Earlier this year, Paul’s first comic book was published, The Margins, available NOW on Amazon (print) and ComiXology (digital).

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  1. I’ve never read Teen Titans or Nightwing on a regular basis, and have only really experienced the character through the two main Batman books, but I’ve always loved Dick. I mean, uh, Ric.

    I always felt Dick Grayson was the heart of the DC Universe. The moral compass that pointed the way for other heroes to follow.

    And it could be argued that he may, quite possibly, have made a better Batman than Bruce when he took up the cowl.

    What is currently happening to Dick in the comics and in the live action show (“F” Batman! Really?) is tarnishing the character.

    But you’re right, this is what comic books do – taking beloved heroes, changing their personalities, powers, and intentions ( things that made us fans of then in the first place ) only to return them to glory in a fabulous NEW #1 ISSUE! years later.

  2. Welcome back, Paul! Really nice show as always, guys.

    Interesting Nightwing chat. A couple of things, though. Didio doesn’t just seem to have an issue with Dick but with that entire generation of sidekick characters. Honestly, if you think it’s tough being a Dick Grayson fan, try be a Wally West fan for the past decade, Didio has tried in the past to kill Dick but he has admitted that he doesn’t like Wally, left Donna Troy out of the New 52 and just killed Wally and Roy in Heroes in Crisis. Though, actually, I don’t actually think Wally is going to be dead by the end of the series, I’m more worried that he’s going to be the killer.

    As for Tim, if I recall correctly, Tom King put his foot down on killing Tim, despite Didio wanted him dead. Which is weird as he will be central to Bendis’ Wonder Comics and Young Justice, in particular. I assume you guys know about all this but seeing as how you don’t read comics news anymore, anything is possible.

    Re: Lucifer. I haven’t read it and I have no plan to do so. I’m oddly perfectly OK with them carrying the story of Sandman through the Dreaming but I really have an issue with any new Lucifer series. Carey’s excellent series ended so utterly perfectly that I can’t imagine any continuation of that series and have no idea what the point is of a reboot when the initial series was so great and so easily available too.

    Finally, I’m not much of a gamer (I’m mostly all about Doom mods, old SNES games and Street Fighter IV on PC) and I don’t actually like reading comics digitally but I’m enough of a fan of you guys that I probably will check it out pretty soon. Either way, congrats on getting it out there!

  3. Hey guys, I don’t mean to burst your bubble but I’m pretty sure the “Steve” in Thor is referring to Old King Thor’s version. When he created a new humans, instead of naming them “Adam and Eve”, he named them “Jane and Steve” (for obvious reasons). I think that was the Steve he was talking to.

    Here’s a pictue of the panel: https://pm1.narvii.com/6642/f4de17ccfb0ecb71bcbad44b2c743eb19ed7ab5a_hq.jpg

    • Except in this issue the couple is not a man and a woman; it’s two men.

      Page 6, panel 1: “Steve, you and your husband get to safety! We have this!”

      In fact, and I don’t know how I missed this, in the very first panel of the issue, the other man is referred to as Adam. So it is indeed an Adam and Steve joke.

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