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Pick of the Week #654 – Nightwing #50

Show Notes

It is yet another strong week of releases, and a surprise Pick comes from an unexpected corner. But you might wonder what problems Conor has with this Pick that was definitely not his. Listen on! Come for more Tom King Batman books in the second slot on the show, and yet more Donny Cates Appreciation Society™ meetings, as well of Tales of a Hate Read. Plus it’s the rare double Patron Pick!

Running Time: 01:16:59

Pick of the Week:
00:02:48 – Nightwing #50

00:13:42 – Batman #56
00:19:12 – Death of the Inhumans #4
00:23:33 – Cosmic Ghost Rider #4
00:27:18 – Tony Stark: Iron Man #4
00:35:08 – Justice League #9
00:38:37 – Dead Rabbit #1
00:42:10 – The Lone Ranger #1
00:47:07 – James Bond: Origin #2

Patron Pick:
00:51:51 – Batman / The Maxx: Arkham Dreams #1
00:56:32 – The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion #1

Patron Thanks:
01:01:06 – Kyle Southcomb
01:02:48 – Jason Reinhardt
01:04:13 – r3v
01:04:50 – Jon Lewis

Audience Question:
01:06:54 – Tim from Seattle is curious about under-the-radar secret crossover cameos.

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  1. I never buy it when someone tries to tell the ‘down on his luck’ Dick Grayson story.

    You want to tell that story? Use another character, write an Elseworld’s, or Even Write a new character from scratch!

    Dick is Never- Never going to be without resources.


  2. Damn, no Venom podcast? And I was so looking forward to an old-fashioned rant from you guys! Oh well.

  3. In the flashbacks in Nightwing #50 my only nitpick is Dickwhen he was Robin never wore the long green leegings or used the Bo staff, those were Jason Todd accoutrements, that aside, the story was great!

  4. On DC/Marvel cameos: does it weird anyone else out when characters on DC TV shows make Marvel references? Last season seemed to be particularly egregious.

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