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Pick of the Week #652 – Mister Miracle #11

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick’s all hopped up on cold medicine and so he used the wrong mic setting! Which he apologizes for! He sounds terrible! Also, Josh Flanagan is here too. His mic sounds fine.

Running Time: 01:04:51

Pick of the Week:
00:01:43 – Mister Miracle #11

00:12:53 – Batman #55
00:18:41 – Batman: Damned #1
00:22:32 – Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #1
00:25:36 – Black Hammer: Age of Doom #5
00:32:44 – West Coast Avengers #2
00:36:10 – The Avengers #8
00:39:35 – Return of Wolverine #1
00:41:37 – Captain America Annual #1
00:44:43 – The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1

Patron Pick:
00:45:53 – Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive #1

Patron Thanks:
00:53:25 – Dirty Threepio (Huw Jones)
00:54:33 – Rusty Richardson
00:55:58 – George N. Aslanian
00:56:49 – Rousseau Pienaar

Audience Question:
00:58:03 – Andrew M. from Spain wonders about the future of The New Gods.

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  1. I know that the two of you don’t look at solicits, but what happened with Nightwing was clearly a Dan DiDio decision. I knew it was coming since I look at solicits with Dick getting brain damage and he doesn’t have access to Sanctuary since he no longer will know who he is which makes no sense. Heroes in Crisis starts next week by the way. Benjamin Percy has also been kicked off Nightwing and his final issue is 50 where he doesn’t get to do his Scarecrow arc which is ridiculous to me since the direction for Dick Grayson constantly changes. The person that is taking over for Percy is *drum roll* Scott Lobdell. I can’t think of a worse writer to take over and it gets even worse. Issues 51 to 53 have been resolicited where “Dick” has been replaced with “Grayson” since DC is trying to get rid of the name, “Dick.” I thought that report was a joke by Bleeding Cool, but the solicits say otherwise when it says “Grayson” and not “Dick.” It is ironic that DC is trying to get rid of the name, “Dick,” and then had dick issues with Batman: Damned. To me, this is unacceptable and probably would be better as an email question in regards to Dick Grayson’s status. I have absolutely no idea what DC is doing with Dick Grayson as a character and he isn’t shown the proper respect with his standing in the DC universe.

    • Hey, so, we don’t look at solicits and the news because we don’t want to know any of this stuff.

    • You should at least know about Percy getting replaced unceremoniously and Lobdell taking over isn’t even being treated as a big deal by DC which shows that Nightwing isn’t being taken seriously by the company. That’s really concerning along with the new direction. The amount of new directions since the start of the New 52 for Dick with a new location, status quo, and supporting cast is ridiculous at this point. Higgins did The New Order recently and I would bring him back on Nightwing. His Nightwing run was undercut multiple times by crossovers and it would be nice to just see him get a real run that didn’t involve crossovers so much.

  2. I was intrigued by the ending of Mister Miracle #11, but have had a very bad feeling that it would turn out to be some sort dream where the story itself doesn’t ultimately matter. It’s going to be about the journey and not the destination. The solicitation for 12 says you will find out what is actually going on which made me nervous when I saw that. I just want Scott to be happy with Barda and Jake. I agree with the idea that this should have been Darkseid’s death, but there’s no way that DC would allow that to happen without promoting it once it did happen. I’ve loved the series and hope it sticks the landing even though the ending of issue 11 gives me pause.

  3. The Joker wants to know how much DayQuil Conor was on when he said Darkseid is the best villain in the DC Universe.

  4. In your New Gods discussion, you brought up that people shouldn’t try to emulate King and Gerads which is true. Marvel was actually going to do a sequel to King’s and Walta’s Vision comic. That would have been a huge mistake and it was recently cancelled. It’s unfortunate for the creators where they apparently did 4 issues of it and 2 years of work, but doing the sequel in the first place was a very bad idea since no one should other than King and Walta. I don’t understand why anyone would agree to the sequel. The solicit for the first issue said, “Will it match the magic of King’s run? Read on to find out!” It was changed later. I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a comic promoted that way and it bred little confidence in its quality.

  5. Great pick, I’m not a parent but that farewell speech to Jakie had me welling up. I really hope that Metron’s next line after paraphrasing) ‘…there is another world’ is ‘But it’s crappy and you can stay here’. What are the chances?

    Interestingly, in the very week Josh, quite reasonably, assumed the nazis in the Golden Age Cap comics would have been too ‘cartoony’ to shoot Cap and Bucky, we get this from the ever excellent Brian Cronin over at CBR.


    Didn’t we have spots as a patron power just the other week? Are am I having alternate world memories?

    I forgot to thank you last week for explaining GDAT. I always thought ‘Goddam’ was one word, but appreciate the more proper ‘God damn’. Not buying one though!

  6. Just to say, and it in no way effects your comments about the issue or that it makes sense for it to tie into the biggest Marvel film so far, BUT the current series of mashed-up Marvel heroes is called Infinity WarPs.

    But yeah, more and more I am convinced there is no good reason for me to not be reading Mister Miracle

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