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Pick of the Week #650 – Death of The Inhumans #3

Show Notes

iFanboy celebrates its 650th episode with a triple-sized all listener e-mail spectacular! Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick, and special guest Ryan Haupt asked you, the iFanbase, to send them e-mails… and you delivered!

Running Time: 03:33:40

Pick of the Week:
00:03:17 – Death of The Inhumans #3

Patron Pick:
00:14:28 – Bully Wars #1

Audience Questions:
00:25:33 – The tradition continues as we field questions from the loyal iFanbase for over 3 hours! Listen as this iFanboy trio slowly fall apart, talking comics and ephemera to the very bitter end.

  • Robert C. from Australia explains the origin of the long running “$6.50” gag in 80s Superman comics.
  • Steve H. from Wales wants to know our favorite long-running comic book recurring jokes as well as long-running iFanboy recurring jokes.
  • Nick P. from Newport Beach, CA and also Luxembourg has a lot of questions about the future of digital comic books.
  • Philip R. wants to cast the GDATs as superheroes or supervillains.
  • Paul Hix from the DCOCD event podcast asks which DC and Marvel events are our favorites.
  • Adam S. from Greenpoint, NY wants the bell segment to come back. *DING*
  • Ryan S. from Louisiana loves comic strips and wants to know which we love or have loved.
  • Adrian Z. wants to know who we like when they’re angry.
  • Roy S. from Pittsburgh, PA misses the end of the year stats report on the Picks of the Week.
  • Wes A. from Fridley, MN wonders why DC and Marvel are still chasing Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns.
  • Bryan R. wants to know which series that have come out since the podcast began do we hold in the highest regard.
  • Lukas B. wants to play a game.
  • Ryan from the UK asks about which comic book we would give to our non-comics reading doppleganger, how many total comic book readers there are, and why we talk about fewer small publishers on the show.
  • Patrick K. from North Carolina wants to know if there are any costume redesigns that we like and about the job of colorists.
  • Frank S. from Phoenix, AZ asks about the worst opinion ever espoused on the show.
  • Jesse T. asks about digital comic books vs. print comic books.
  • Ben G. wants to know if iFanboy ever thought about opening a comic book store.
  • Andy M. wants to know when Josh is going to write a comic book podcasting tell-all and if The Shield still holds up.
  • Greag B. from Oakland, CA asks what one thing we would change about or favorite comic book run.
  • Monica M. from Mexico asks about the seeming difficulties in writing Wonder Woman stories.
  • Scott S. has some concerns about naming his up-coming child in a world of geek media saturation.
  • Nick J. wants to know what the iFanboys would do if they ran the comics industry.
  • Chris L from the iFanboy Data Analytics Department presents a report on the past 12 months of Patron Powers.
  • Joel L. from Prosser, WA asks about mid-level chain restaurant bread.
  • Gian Lije G. wants Josh to watch the Preacher television show. Conor too, but mostly Josh.
  • Jared B. from Muncie, IN wonders about the level of trustworthiness of original art sellers.
  • Ethan J. wants to cast members of G.I. Joe in Band of Brothers.
  • BionicDave has questions about the K-Pg Extinction Event, Martian Manhunter’s feelings on terrestrio-centrism, and a hypothetical wives podcast.
  • Matt P. from Miami, FL wants to know what the point is of annuals.
  • Tim J. from Seattle, WA is looking for war and history comic books.
  • Lee H. wants to know about war comics allegiances and the sequels to Jaws.
  • Robert S. from California thinks we’re in the Golden Age of Comic Book Art.
  • Doug E. form Saco, ME asks about the effect of mediocre art on a great comic book script.
  • Brad G. asks about favorite childhood toys.
  • Tom B. reminisces about buying comic books as a kid outside of a comic book stores and wonders if people have those memories now.
  • John W. from the UK has a unique either-or-or scenario.
  • Mike H. from Buffalo, NY is an aspiring comic book writer who is having trouble finding an artist.
  • Robert G. from New Orleans, LA wants to know what’s up with Ron these days.
  • Gabe J. asks about iFanboy’s current Top 3 comic book writers and current Top 3 comic book artists.
  • Caleb S. from Minnesota asks what iFanboy’s Top 5 comic book series are right now.
  • Greg M. wonders why Texas is the Reason’s “Back and To The Left” is the song used to intro all of iFanboy’s anniversary shows.

Patron Thanks:
02:04:22 – Miroslav Lucic
02:06:10 – Zachariah William Schoenke
02:07:21 – Gerardo Zayas
02:08:39 – Matt Arpen

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“Back and To The Left”
Texas is the Reason

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  1. Yes, I was messing with Conor about Kyle Rayner.

  2. Ryan from UK here – thanks for answering my questions.

    I selected Criminal to convert alternate me to comics, but Ryan Haupt gave a better answer in Gotham Central for Conor: it gives me idea for #700’s question! Interesting that all the choices debuted some time ago: Astro City 1995 (23 years), Transmetropolitan 1997 (21 years) and Gotham Central 2002 (16 years).

    With Bryan G’s question about opening a comic shop – you missed an opportunity to bring up another running gag for Steve H: Ron’s comic shop!

  3. Hey guys, thanks for answering my question about commissions. It is true that I am not a huge Ramona Fradon fan, but I really love her Silver Age style. My wife is an art historian, so she has decorated our house quite a bit, but asked if I wanted to put up any comic book art. While I would love a piece of original art (thanks for the clarification), I wouldn’t want to frame a random page; a splash page or cover would really be the only piece I would want to frame, and I can’t afford the prices those go for, which is why I am looking more for a commission, and probably from someone who isn’t currently working and who has that throwback style from the 60’s. If anyone in the iFanbase knows of someone that is taking commissions who has that style let me know, but I really did fall in love with the commissions that Ramona Fradon posted.

  4. Somehow, in this bizarro-timeline we’re living through, a book called “Cosmic Ghost Rider” is one of my top-5 current titles. The others are Justice League, Mister Miracle, Gideon Falls, and Immortal Hulk.

  5. I don’t know if it’s indicative of the region (I’m in MA), but my mid-level chain restaurant bread would also be Texas Roadhouse, then Not Your Average Joe’s.

  6. Upon hearing Josh’s disgust at “Kyle O’Ren,” I feel like I should regret my question but alas…

    Thanks for the 650 and good luck on the next 650!

  7. Don’t take this the wrong way or anything but watching Josh slowly lose the will to live over those 4 hours made the whole thing worth it – even if you didn’t answer my email exactly! Another awesome and hilarious show, guys, and congrats again on 650 episodes!

    • I could totally understand what Josh was going through. If he was watching his kids by himself the next day then that man needs to be in bed. He was setting himself up for a hellish day if he was going into it without a good night’s sleep.

    • Oh, I don’t have kids but I totally get it. Didn’t stop it being really funny. Super-grouchy Josh is almost as funny as drunk Conor!

  8. Great show. As regards colouring, the latest DC Nation has a wonderful piece from Mark Chiarello – the first of two, I think – on the subjects, including an explanation of colour theory.

  9. I didn’t ask a question so I’ve no horse in this race (is that the expression? Dumb Brit!) but to avoid having to apologise for not getting to people’s questions, how about limiting folk to one query apiece? Some of the questions were three or two separate queries.

    And I hate all stats!

    • It’s a good thought, but even limiting the number of questions to one wouldn’t allow us to answer everyone’s email on the show. We just get too many overall.

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