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Pick of the Week #644 – Action Comics #1001

Show Notes

This week, in addition to the usual nonsense and comic book talk, we get an extra special glimpse into Josh Flanagan’s marriage and Conor Kilpatrick tells us a little bit about his San Diego Comic-Con experience.

Running Time: 01:00:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:50 – Action Comics #1001

00:13:24 – X-Men: Grand Design – Second Genesis #1
00:16:51 – Doomsday Clock #6
00:20:01 – The Amazing Spider-Man #2
00:24:11 – The Sentry #2
00:27:58 – The Flash #51
00:30:45 – Justice League Dark #1
00:32:46 – Moon Knight #197
00:35:04 – The Hellblazer #24
00:37:41 – Multiple Man #2

Patron Pick:
00:39:34 – DC’s Beach Blanket Bad Guys Summer Special #1

Patron Thanks:
00:47:02 – Graham Bird
00:47:43 – Dillon Carter
00:48:38 – Matt Kelly
00:49:07 – Derek Wilczynski’s son Zack

Comics Industry Talk:
00:50:36 – Conor went to San Diego Comic-Con and Eisner winners discussion.

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“Raising Cain”
Gregory Alan Isakov


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  1. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    I’m glad to hear that Grand Design is still good. I’m now reading the first volume that I bought in that insane Kindle / Marvel dollar comics sale that made such waves. It’s wonderful. It reminds me of The Wolverine Saga and Untold Legend of the Batman and a little of what I was going for (but never quite succeeded at) with the DC Histories series.

  2. Came for the comics. Stayed for the literal pillow talk

  3. Thanks for the superpower! I travel for work sometimes, so getting the shower temperature just right will come in very handy. Question: you think this ability extends to drawing baths? I have a 3-year-old and a 4-year-old that are very particular about their water comfort. Is it just right for ME, or do I know intrinsically what the desired temperature should be in any given situation?

  4. Well I guess I gotta come out of retirement to put in the word for My Favorite Thing is Monsters.

    A cursory glance and dismissal? Tsk tsk. Gentlemen, come on, expand your horizons a bit.
    The future mainstream storytelling techniques are always found in the edges first.

    For any listener open to trying something different..the book is worth the effort.

    The book is basically a mystery and coming of age/family drama story combined, all set in the seedy streets of 60’s era Chicago. The characters and their lives are so specific and well realized you walk away feeling like you experienced what life was like on the extreme fringes at that place and time.

    The story follows a little girl who would rather envision herself as a monster out of her favorite horror films than accept herself for who she is and the discoveries that come from the mystery surrounding her investigation into the death of her neighbor.

    The art in the book, that the boys bristle at, is presented as if you’re reading this girl’s diary, but that conceit is fast dropped so hang onto it only if it helps you keep reading. So as a result there’s not your traditional panel breakdowns that you’d find in your Marvel or DC books. The art bounces from crazy detailed colored pencil drawings to cartoony pencil sketches and even collage but always full of emotion.

    You’ll keep flipping the pages to watch the mystery unravel but its a pretty dense and layered story that’s sad and uplifting and quite human as the characters all grow in complexity as the story progresses. (I mean you get WW2 Germany history and a guided tour of the art institute museum) If you want something a little more than another hit of entertaining distraction from your daily despair, this book can give you an authentic feeling respite.

    The one thing to know is: that this is book one, so don’t expect a complete resolution come the last page.

    Oh wait its late Friday night….
    never mind no one will read this post anymore anyway.

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