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Pick of the Week #642 – The Amazing Spider-Man #1

Show Notes

Ryan Haupt fills in for an absent Josh Flanagan to join Conor Kilpatrick in the weekly comics talk and it couldn’t come on a more appropriate time — never has there been a week when there was so much science in comics!

Running Time: 01:05:59

Pick of the Week:
00:01:27 – The Amazing Spider-Man #1

00:11:01 – Superman #1
00:15:09 – The Flash #50
00:20:06 – Die!Die!Die! #1
00:23:53 – Outpost Zero #1
00:29:35 – The Dead Hand #4
00:33:07 – Exiles #5
00:34:33 – Hawkman #2
00:39:07 – Plastic Man #2

Star Wars Corner:
00:40:50 – Star Wars: Darth Vader #18

Patron Pick:
00:43:08 – Farmhand #1

Patron Thanks:
00:46:49 – Davin Pasek
00:48:52 – John Dudley
00:50:44 – Daniel Fortis
00:52:25 – Michael Annunziata

Audience Question:
00:55:37 – Sean C. from New York, NY calls in to further the bread discussion.
00:58:40 – James R. from Derbyshire, England asks about food and comics.

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“Weird Science”
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  1. Dude- It’s the first book.
    One issue- give Spider-Man a few issues before you call it an anticipated- great jumping on point.
    Like him or leave him- Nick Spencer is Not a sure bet every time.
    And- this is One issue.
    Give it a beat before proclaiming.

    • Super Power were On-Point this week.

      And- maybe it’s time to change the focus of the additional podcast.
      TBH it doesn’t’ seem the current proposal is what people are really wanting. Maybe refining that purpose is what is needed.
      I am sure that is an additional podcast would be great and welcomed it just seems that’s not quite the right formula.

  2. webhead921 (@Grapes4Lunch) says:

    Josh and Conor, go on Chapo Trap House

  3. Carter Hall is the male equivalent of Donna Troy. They’re both good-hearted, physically attractive superheroes who have been in comics for a long time, but who are so incredibly effed up by continuity and reboots that there’s really not much unique character there besides them being good-hearted fighters of bad guys. They do have anchors elsewhere in the DC Universe which keep them relevant enough for us to keep wanting to like them (Donna’s past with the Titans, her vague connection to Wonder Woman; Carter’s vague past with the JLeague, his eventual connection to Kendra/Shayera) but I wish DC would take more chances with these characters to give them deeper, more interesting traction in the DCU. Especially Hawkman. He’s got the ability to reincarnate into different bodies and different lives, yet we keep seeing the same type of Carter Hall over and over and over again.

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