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Pick of the Week #640 – Multiple Man #1

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick is on the mend! We get to talk about comics and meat! Patron Pick and Pick of the Week have an epic time traveling crossover! What else do we need from life?

Running Time: 01:11:07

Pick of the Week/Patron Pick:
00:01:49 – Multiple Man #1

00:09:59 – Detective Comics #983
00:14:00 – Kill or Be Killed #20
00:18:40 – Astro City #52
00:26:00 – Ms. Marvel #31
00:31;39 – The Man of Steel #5
00:35:05 – The Sentry #1
00:38:01 – The Flash #49
00:40:52 – Marvel Two-in-One #7
00:42:06 – Old Man Hawkeye #6

Patron Pick:
00:44:18 – Ratings!

Patron Thanks:
00:46:40 – Jason Kirby
00:48:16 – Ryan Swift
00:49:56 – Rico Dostie
00:51:16 – Jason Smith

Audience Question:
00:53:03 – Jason asks if it’s true that we think only the old costumes are the good costumes?
01:01:49 – Juan wants steak, and he’s asked for advice on the preparation of same.

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  1. Thanks for the recipe guys! I’m having me some steak and donuts tonight!

  2. Conor sounded great this week

  3. Actually, cooking steaks from frozen can help keep a more consistent texture throughout the steak. https://www.cooksillustrated.com/how_tos/8741-the-science-of-cooking-frozen-steaks

    Also, putting a non-frozen steak uncovered in the freezer or fridge for a bit can help dry out and “age” the surface, increasing the flavor that the Maillard reaction will then intensify further. I’m a fan of slow cooking in the oven then finishing on a blazing hot grill or cast iron pan. Sous vide then sear is a good fool proof technique too.

    In the end, get good quality beef, don’t overcook, and you can’t go far wrong.

    Did I miss something with Jor-El? Last I recall, he was dying because his Oz staff broke and stopped protecting him from the kryptonite poisoning. Then he was sucked away in a “Not like this!” moment by the mystery blue light entity. I hope there’s an explanation as to how he’s back.

  4. That original Peter David run of X-Factor was my favorite marvel book at the time. Around the Image boom I was burning out on the x-titles but I kept reading X-Factor while Peter was still attached. Then when he came back to those characters for the X-Factor Investigations stories that book was one of the few titles I was still collecting at the time. I love Peter’s take on Jamie Madrox. He really elevated the guy form C-list X-personality to one of my favorite characters in the Marvel universe.

    I wasn’t gonna pick it up because I’m so ignorant currently to what’s going on in the x-title that I figured I would be lost. Though you guys are recommending it and it seems you are in the same boat.

  5. How is the New 52 Flash costume not on “the list”?

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