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Pick of the Week #630 – Skyward #1

Show Notes

Listen, this show is going to mostly be about one really long book. It’s a lot of ground to cover, okay? Still, it was a great week of comics and wonderful art all over the place. So settle in and get ready for a lot of Superman, and we’ll all get through this together.

Running Time: 01:12:57

Pick of the Week:
00:01:30 – Skyward #1

00:09:51 – Superman #45
00:14:24 – Action Comics #1000
00:43:24 – Batman: Creature of the Night #3
00:46:36 – Tales of Suspense #104
00:49:14 – Iron Fist #80
00:50:01 – Mister Miracle #8
00:51:42 – Batman #45
00:53:43 – Lazarus #27
00:55:52 – Ms. Marvel #29

Patron Pick:
00:57:39 – Black Hammer: Age of Doom #1

Patron Thanks:
01:02:13 – Brian
01:03:10 – David McFarlane
01:04:06 – Daniel Johnson
01:05:27 – Edward Cabigao

Audience Questions:
01:06:58 – Wes wonders about Kang.

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“Yr Throat”
Jeff Rosenstock


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  1. POTW-
    I’m sorry/not sorry but the tv producer/Lost effect of this is the way things ar but we don’t need to address it like no or low gravity but there is oxygen is a deal breaker to me.
    And something that is ruining scifi to me.
    Supernatural or magic tropes may also be over used but at least they get a pass as to why a set piece can work, bc inherently that is something that can be without having to explain or address it.
    You want to deal in Science-Fiction you have to have your game on display and you Are graded on your work.
    Show your work.
    It’s not enough in this genre to just say this is the way it is now go.

  2. Did Josh just fuc*king compare Jim Lee to Silver Chair?!
    I mean I’m not a giant Jim Lee fan but don’t Lil’ Xan – “Tupac is boring”
    Josh can be so insightful and have a kind of balance and informed opinion.
    And then – that.

    This Bendis Superman initial offering was all Bendis-ie Bendis and his deal.
    Rushed- Over excited – whatever but the issue failed bc of the writing.
    I have no doubt he’ll deliver in the long run.

  3. Skyward was really fun, wouldn’t have picked it up if it wasn’t the POTW so thanks Josh! As far as Jim Lee art, I’ve never been a huge fan. I always felt like I was missing because it’s never wowed me the way it was supposed to. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve just never been excited by it

  4. Great show as ever. I loved the long review of Action Comics #1000. The digital version comes in at 93pp or whatever, despite forgetting the pin-ups, because that Levitz/Adams strip isn’t in the physical copy… it comes from the 80 Years of Action book.

    Weirdly, Conor, Action Comics was weekly for not even a year, it obviously felt like a lot longer.

    Re: Batman, this must be a pre-2000s Booster Gold, popped out of the timestream – he ‘s not been this dim since JLI – heck, it’s a matter of weeks since he refused to save Superman’s parents from death.

  5. Action Comics 1000 was definitely my PotW. It was a wonderful tribute to the many era’s of the man of steel. My favorite story was also the Car and I can’t for more Olivier Coipel art!

    I would have loved for it to be 100 pages or 120 pages and make more room for some of the other legendary artists and writers who have worked on Superman like Morrison/Quitely, George Perez, Waid/Ross, Joe Kelly, Mark Millar, etc.If there was any single issue of a comic book that should have reunited Mark Waid and DC it was this.

    A question for everyone though. I got deja vu reading the Tom King story. As though I had read it before or a very similar story where superman keeps returning to earth millions of years into the future. Does anyone have any idea what that might have been?

  6. So yesterday while working in the backyard I was continuing my travels backward through the podcast feed and listened to #131 from May 2008. I believe that was the podcast you were remembering, Conor. I couldn’t believe that I just happened upon it in the same week that Action #1000 came out.

  7. That shot of Deathstroke with the heroes saluting Superman in Action Comics – it is weird, I’m thinking it’s a nod to one of the Triangle Era’s biggest stories, Panic in the Sky, in which Deathstroke was one of the featured character.

  8. The need for a Cooke story in action 1000 was screaming out to me.

  9. You guys aren’t Jewish, you don’t know from bagels. I’ll take Bagel Nosh on Wilshire and 17th over H&H any day of the week and twice on Sundays

  10. Panera Asiago Cheese Bagels for life.

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