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Pick of the Week #628 – Analog #1

Show Notes

Una jamoke solemente! Can a man talk for an hour straight about comic books without making a mistake or veering very far off target? It’s your chance to find out, as Josh Flanagan once again braves the mic on his own, and talks about every single comic book he read this week. Except Iron Fist #79. It was fine. He also forgot the rate the Patron Pick. Weak.

Running Time: 01:02:23

Pick of the Week:
00:01:50 – Analog #1

00:07:16 – Black Bolt #12
00:11:02 – Marvel Two-In-One #5
00:13:29 – Runaways #8
00:14:59 – Spider-Man #239
00:16:53 – Astro City #51
00:19:15 – Batman #44
00:22:45 – Batman: White Knight #7
00:25:50 – Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles #4

Star Wars Corner:
00:32:03 – Star Wars #46

More Comics:
00:34:10 – I Hate Fairyland #18
00:35:23 – Sex Criminals #23

Patron Pick:
00:36:31 – Xerxes: The Fall of the House of Darius and the Rise of Alexander #1

Patron Thanks:
00:44:34 – Caroline Hammond
00:45:25 – Gerald Kavanaugh
00:45:53 – Artem Vorabyev
00:46:33 – Neil Hill

Audience Questions:
00:48:05 – Brad from Canada wants to know about those $0.99 digital comic sales; and Scott from WV wants to know if Marvel’s Unlimited program is cutting into sales.
00:56:50 – Carl wants to know what the deal is with Josh and Garth Ennis’ The Boys.

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  1. I’ve only listened to a bit of this so far but, once again, major props, Josh, for doing this all on your own. No idea how you do it but it’s fun listening anyway!

  2. Great listen, Josh! Every time you do one of these, I’m equally impressed. Takes skill to be able to do a solo pod. That or you are experienced with talking to yourself…

  3. Thanks for addressing the $.99 issue Josh. A couple things:

    A. At the Diamond Retailer Summit over the weekend, Marvel pointed the finger at Comixology and said this was all them. This seems contrary to everything we’ve been told about how this works – it was always assumed Marvel set the prices. Also, why only Marvel books? Cebulski said he was looking into why DC books weren’t being sold this way. Something seems really fishy here, so stay tuned.

    B. I did a very informal survey on the 11 O’Clock Comics FB page about buying habits, and at least in that community, most folks are buying collections from online retailers, not their LCS. So, how much is this hurting them? Possibly not much.

  4. I love the Josh solo editions!Well done!

  5. Great job, Josh! These solo shows must be weird and difficult to do, but you handle them with aplomb. Had a fun time listening this week. (It’s fun with Conor too! Just meant a different kind of fun.) (Conor, you are loved and appreciated too.)

    My favorite part of this show was when Josh said that anyone who watched Snagglepuss is now old

  6. Josh, you nailed it: entertaining, informative and it really is amazing how smooth if felt. Your “interior monologue” version of the podcast feels like, although connected to the iFanboy “brand”, is a new and different thing. It worked, bottom line and I’d welcome it again. ALSO (but no pressure) I would welcome a solo version by Connor – each of you have passionately held opinions that come through. Each is, obviously, articulate and I think you, Josh, have solidified and given form to a “new take” on what an iFanboy podcast can be every now and then – especially at the end, when answering listener mail – that was really the most interesting part for me this time. I prefer you two together because of how well you bounce off of each other, but bravo, well done Sir!

  7. I know you probably dread going solo, but you have a talent for bantering with yourself, Josh. Nobody knows how to set you up for a joke like yourself.

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