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Pick of the Week #626 – Death Bed #2

Show Notes

Hey look! It’s Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick and they’re talking comic books! Also: Los Angeles geography, the physics of the sun, comic books as road trip food metaphors, and an event unprecedented in the annals of the Patron Pick.

Running Time: 01:07:35

Pick of the Week:
00:02:19 – Death Bed #2

00:09:46 – Tales of Suspense #103
00:13:27 – Doctor Strange: Damnation #3
00:15:25 – Iron Fist #78
00:23:03 – Ms. Marvel #28
00:25:20 – Future Quest Presents #8
00:27:01 – Kill or Be Killed #17

Star Wars Corner:
00:29:56 – Star Wars #45

Patron Pick:
00:34:27 – Usagi Yojimbo: The Hidden #1
00:40:09 – The Mighty Thor #705
00:43:59 – Thanos #17

Patron Thanks:
00:52:01 – Jake L.
00:53:30 – Tyson Webster
00:54:59 – Adam Grainger
00:56:12 – Paul Lister

Audience Questions:
00:59:20 – Sean C. from New York asks about the effect that copyright law has on comic books.

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“Danger Zone”
Kenny Loggins


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  1. It’s called a “California Roll” (as in, you just keep rolling through the intersection, giving a nod to the Stop sign as you pass by – checking things out, but not really, actually stopping at all).

  2. So if you like Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw you should pick up their Image story God Country. Great book, more along the lines of Thor than Cates horror stuff.

    And the two of them only started on Thanos at issue 13 so you don’t have much to catch up on. And you’ll love who their version of Ghost Rider is. Trust me.

  3. “Danger Zone” has always sounded like “Dead Man’s Party” to me.

    • I never noticed it but yeah, a lil bit, you’re kinda right. Now I will never not notice it.

      Interestingly, here is a list of artists who were – according to Wikipedia – approached to record DANGER ZONE before the producers of “Top Gun” settled on Kenny Loggins:
      – Toto
      – Bryan Adams
      – REO Speedwagon
      – Corey Hart

  4. Wondering what you guys think. I really would like to see Jorge Molina as the series regular on Star Wars. Just more fun. Larocca does bug me as well.

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