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Pick of the Week #622 – Punisher: The Platoon #6

Show Notes

It was a surefire pick this week, but a strong runner up. The jamokes do what they can with the comics, and provide underwear talk, grilling thoughts, and Clint Barton’s wardrobe for good measure. Someone get Alfred some help! Also the other butler is on fire!

Running Time: 01:09:15

Pick of the Week:
00:01:46 – Punisher: The Platoon #6

00:11:47 – Doctor Strange: Damnation #1
00:17:42 – The Defenders #10
00:21:20 – The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman #1
00:28:40 – Batman #41
00:32:58 – Luke Cage #170
00:35:56 – Tales of Suspense #102
00:39:05 – Nightwing #39

Patron Pick:
00:39:52 – Deathbed #1

Patron Thanks:
00:47:21 – Parth
00:49:42 – Roy Seitz III
00:50:56 – Martin Kilroy
00:51:38 – Dennis Ofosu

Audience Questions:
00:54:25 – Ben from the UK asks what geeky things we do in the real world.
00:58:12 – Wes from Minnesota wants barbecue and grilling tips.

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“Beach Party Vietnam”
The Dead Milkmen


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  1. In case either of you jamokes care, the Ennis Punisher Max run has two omnibus volumes solicited for May and August of this year. Also the omnibus of the Ennis non-Max run got reprinted recently (it had been OOP and ridiculously expensive).

  2. Riley Rossmo is such an awesome artist. Proof which you guys (iFanboy) introduced me to was a favorite, specially the first three trades.

    For Liam Sharpe, I think a colorist like Dean White or Ive Svorcina could go a long way. He is heavily influenced by Frank Frazetta, but coloring never do him justice. I mean the colorists are good, but usually not right for him.

  3. With Patreon Pick: Death Bed, is there any relation to the Patton Oswalt bit?


  4. So, is Parth’s superpower mean that the tea is always perfect for him or perfect for everyone? If he was to make tea for me would it be to his specifications or would it be to mine?

  5. Yay
    My question made it
    Thanks for the answer and for a great show as per usual

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