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Pick of the Week #619 – Astro City #50

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick and Josh Flanagan are back with comic book talk, more tales of margarita drinking, superheroes who drive hybrids, and twenty year old supervillain grudges. And remember: be excellent and smell good.

Running Time: 00:57:55

Pick of the Week:
00:01:42 – Astro City #50

00:07:53 – The Flash Annual #1
00:12:55 – Jessica Jones #16
00:16:06 – The Invincible Iron Man #596
00:20:07 – The Defenders #9
00:26:25 – Dark Nights: Metal #5
00:27:40 – Tales of Suspense #101
00:29:45 – Moon Knight #191

Star Wars Corner:
00:31:39 – Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #16

Patron Pick:
00:34:31 – Justice League of America / Doom Patrol Special #1

Patron Thanks:
00:39:36 – Jordan Lurie
00:40:32 – Timothy May
00:42:46 – Paul Wachter
00:43:59 – Hung Nguyen

Audience Questions:
00:47:14 – Andrew W. from Santa Cruz, CA is considering reading Peter David’s recently collected run on Aquaman.
00:49:33 – Brad D. from Canada wants to know which G.I. Joe comics are the best to read.
00:51:12 – Roy S. from Pittsburgh, PA doesn’t understand how Josh finds the time for all this stuff.

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  1. Great ep guys. Know its very, very early, but if McMafia, 3rd season of Gomorra and 4th season of Inside No.9 do not feature in the TV section of your end of year all media wrap up then you’re watching the wrong shows

  2. Heya, according to the back matter on Astro City 50, this issue is a sequel, of sorts, to the one-shot story The Nearness of You from back in 1997.

    • Yeah, the guy running the support group is the same guy from the 1/2 issue whose wife was wiped out of existence by a Crisis on Infinite Earths style timeline change.

  3. Hey
    Really enjoyed the show as usual

    Just wondering, did you read detective comics annual.

    I completely loved it

    It was like the animated series feet of clay all over again

  4. I was finally moved to check out Mack Weldon.
    Damnnn- 24.00 a pair boxerr briefs – even with the discount code- that’s like a pair of pants.
    Are they That much better than a good pair of Jockeys?
    Anyone bought some?

    • No, but I have used Harry’s razors because of their sponsorship of the show and I really like their product.

      It’s funny if you listen to a lot of podcasts you start to see these endorsements come in waves then recede to be replaced by the next wave of endorsements. As an outsider looking in it seems like the pool of podcast advertisers is smaller than it should be considering how ubiquitous it seems podcasting has become. It’s totally fills the space talk radio would for me when I was younger. I can’t remember the last time I turned my radio on in the car.

      It’s a real shame that the economy of podcasting keeps it from being a full time job. I know very few podcasters that actually use it as their primary source of income. That said at the same time it’s nice that an entity like iFanboy is allowed to be divorced from the problems plaguing modern media outlets. Specifically things like listicles, hyperbolically provocative headlines and dubious overlap between your advertisers and the subjects of your reviews.

  5. I’m with Josh on this. I work from home as well. It really is the background way of getting through something. Plus, you don’t have the wasted time of commuting. I realize myself that I actually get through quite a bit, but sometimes don’t feel like I do.

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