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Pick of the Week #618 – Southern Bastards #19

Show Notes

We can’t remember things, or details. But we do know what makes a good comic and how to tell you about it. Who cares if we don’t remember that character’s name? Well, you might, but here we are regardless. Is this Watchmen thing okay? Who is the artist who still needs to stop it? What psychological truths are revealed by dumb superpowers? These questions and more answered on this episode!

Running Time: 01:06:12

Pick of the Week:
00:01:55 – Southern Bastards #19

00:10:30 – Doomsday Clock #3
00:22:59 – Black Science #34
00:28:16 – Inhumans: Judgement Day #1
00:31:38 – The Flash #39
00:38:48 – Sex Criminals #21
00:42:00 – Luke Cage #169
00:44:17 – The Hellblazer #18
00:45:34 – Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #37

Patron Pick:
00:47:28 – Marvel Two-In-One #2

Patron Thanks:
00:53:27 – Bryan Moody
00:54:38 – Tony Norgaard
00:55:54 – Zach Lawing
00:58:19 – Keith Amaral

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  1. Peep Show is fantastic! I try to tell people about it but it’s not on Netflix any longer so “sad face.”

    Detectorists is not exactly similar to Peep Show but is also wonderful if it’s the “relationship” type substances that you enjoy about stories. Just a great great Brit show.

  2. Thank you, sirs, for my power. I feel like this is a rebirth for me — like a mutant, just discovering what his power is and learning that he’s enrolled in a school for partially gifted old people. I promise to use my power responsibly. Also, I will look for a partner with the power to keep beverages at optimal cold temps. With our powers combined, we will be a force.

  3. I bought the Flash because of the Grodd cover. It was a fun story, but I feel like I was promised more Grodd.

  4. New Rorschach is a taxi driver. Not the kid who read the pirate story. That one died in the alien blast with newspaper stand guy.

  5. Brian’s power of never having to wash the dishes sounds awesome, but what happens when he’s eating off a plate – does he have to avoid touching it directly for fear his food would vanish?

    We had a dishwasher come with our new house, but it seems to take three hours to do anything. Useless!

    (Incidentally, you said the other week you were now bestowing powers on people who’ve joined in the last year or so… have I missed my moment?)

  6. Love Marvel Two-In-One. Hope we get the FF back soon, the Marvel U is not the same without it.

    BTW, if you run an Energy Star dishwasher full it uses less energy and water than hand washing, so Josh’s frugality could be better served by the dishwasher.

  7. I also bought that Flash issue because of the Grodd cover. I haven’t bought an issue since number six. Gorgeous cover with an amazing Grodd. I can’t help but get any issue with an insane Silver Age villain. Any time the Green Lantern villian The Shark shows up I gotta have it, too.

    Grodd is such a wonderful, silly concept. A psychic, talking, furious gorilla is so comics!!

  8. Flash was already on my pull list, it has been since Rebirth started. BUT that being said, had i fallen off of it, or for some other reason had i not been picking it up, i would have grabbed it. Grodd is my favorite Flash villain . Ive always liked the Flash villains that arent speedsters the best. And of those, the ridiculousness of Grodd just appeals to me. So when i saw him on the cover, i got excited.

    That being said, i feel like the cover led us to believe that there was going to be more Grodd in the issue than ended up being. Should have kept him as a surprise for the end of the issue, and then that cover could have been on the next issue. IMO.

    but yes, Grodd is a favorite of mine. I regularly think about what it would be like to see him and batman go against each other with Tom King at the helm. but thats probably just me.

    Long Live Grodd!

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