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Pick of the Week #617 – Superman #39

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick’s back from a brief sojourn into crabbing to join Josh Flanagan to talk about this week’s comic books while the Patron Pick leads to a discussion on the current state of Image Comics and a dark truth is discovered buried in the Patron Powers.

Running Time: 01:01:50

Pick of the Week:
00:02:23 – Superman #39

00:08:19 – Strangers in Paradise XXV #1
00:13:24 – Batman #39
00:18:47 – Doctor Strange #384
00:25:52 – Green Lanterns #39
00:27:19 – Future Quest Presents #6
00:28:58 – Trinity #17
00:31:05 – Avengers #676

Patron Pick:
00:33:59 – Ice Cream Man #1

Patron Thanks:
00:40:52 – Michael Rookard
00:42:16 – Eric Weis
00:43:20 – Cameron Shrader
00:44:15 – Tim Jones

Audience Question:
00:49:37 – Wes from Fridley, MN has a question about indie comics hiatuses.
00:52:28 – Chris M. wants to know which comic book team the Patrons could team up to defeat.

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  1. Ice Cream man #1 was just ok, but I agree that I would not want to read the Damage comic that just came out. DC is in a lull right now.

    • A lull? Aquaman is maybe the best super hero comic being published right now. Metal is super weird but very compelling. Superman is the best in years. It’s not perfect but a lull just seems wrong.

  2. That Batman and Wonder Woman set-up in Batman #39 sounds an awful lot like one of my all-time favorite one-shots – an Action Comics story by Joe Kelly called “For A Thousand Years,” in which Superman and Wonder Woman are *also* in a battle-dimension during which 1000 years pass in 1 Earth day, during which time *they* fall in love, but Superman holds back, as even the fading memory of Lois keeps him loyal to her. Hmmm. Homage, or coincidence?

    On an unrelated note, something has been gnawing at me for a month and four days. Why did Conor skip the annual reading of his Pick of the Week statistics in the 2017 All-Media Round Up? He usually tells us how many of the POWs were DC, Marvel, or Image, etc. I was looking forward to it

    • We skipped it because, for us, it wasn’t that compelling to do on the show. Me speeding through a bunch of statistics was kind of boring. It was much better as a written segment to be perused.

    • I thought of that Action Comics story too when I heard the description of this issue (I’m reading Batman in HC so I’m rather behind) but I wasn’t a huge fan of it simply because the idea of living in another dimension for 1000 years and that not being a Huge Deal in the Superman comics for a while. Like most of the earlier parts of his run, though, it was pretty cool in and of itself, though.

      And, yeah, I also miss those super nerdy statistics…

  3. Sorry to be the barer of bad news but the new SiP doesn’t only continue the story of that series, but also Echo, which crossed over with SiP near the end of its run. The hadron collider stuff is all Echo. Again, apologies for possibly making the to-read stack even worse; comics will kill us all someday.

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