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Pick of the Week #612 – Punisher: The Platoon #3

Show Notes

Two… Jamokes. But which Two Jamokes? With Josh Flanagan off tending to his family for Thanksgiving, Ryan Haupt joins Conor Kilpatrick to talk comics that were read under less than ideal conditions.

Running Time: 01:04:20

Pick of the Week:
00:01:50 – Punisher: The Platoon #3

00:10:21 – Action Comics #992
00:14:42 – Doomsday Clock #1
00:21:40 – Nightwing: The New Order #4
00:25:45 – The Kamandi Challenge #11
00:31:29 – Sherlock Frankenstein and the Legion of Evil #2
00:33:39 – James Bond: Solstice #1
00:36:15 – Detective Comics #969
00:38:45 – Motor Girl #10

Star Wars Corner:
00:40:18 – Star Wars #39

Patron Pick:
00:43:20 – The Demon: Hell is Earth #1

Patron Thanks:
00:47:36 – Steven Petrivelli
00:49:37 – Johan Barrander
00:50:53 – Adam Amendolito
00:53:11 – Chris Loseke

Audience Question:
00:56:11 – Blair W. has some questions about superheroine hairstyle choices.

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“Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”
Darlene Love

Ryan’s Dick Grayson in Nightwing: The New Order Hair:


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  1. Wow! Conor’s quantum leap power demands a screenplay, now!

  2. As a midnight street fighter I can add that no serious hand-to-hand combatant would have hair longer than a buzzcut. In such close quarters, you never want to give your opponent anything to grab onto which controls your head movement.

    Just curious, why was there no Special Edition Movie Podcast for “Blade Runner 2049?” Were no iFanboys interested in it?

    Your reviews on Punisher: The Platoon were so tempting.. you’ve made me want to buy my first Punisher comic in years! (I’d start with #1 of course.) Thanks for another great podcast.

  3. I just saw a commercial for DOOMSDAY CLOCK #1 on TV. It aired during MR. ROBOT.

  4. Fun show, nice to hear Ryan again, although that dice thing was the worst ever power… even when he explained it to Conor, I was utterly lost. What’s the advantage of getting a number that’s one more than the number you threw? Mind, the constant hypotheticals when Conor was giving out powers was fun, I bet ‘why’ was his constant refrain as a toddler!

    The Cosmic Treadmill predates the Speed Force concept, so even if DC writers today say it can only be used by SF users – and why would that be, did the parts come from a SF workshop? – I reject that in this fluxing Rebirth period! So yeah, Superman can use it.

    Oh, and Comet isn’t a Kryptonian, he’s from ancient Greece.

    • Whoever compiled the list of iFanboy’s Patron Powers needs to compile a list of all DC characters who could use the Cosmic Treadmill. Because if Superman can use it, then so should Supergirl, Shazam, etc. I bet Wonder Woman can get that shit working. If I were Flash, I’d put a big padlock on my treadmill.

  5. I think if Ryan has the capacity, he should definitely take Ron’s place as the third IFanboy. The format really excels when there are three editors chatting.

    @cskilpatrick When are we going to get a Punisher Netflix special edition?

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