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Pick of the Week #608 – Rebels: These Free and Independent States #8

Show Notes

This week, Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick are just a little bit off in a week full of books that don’t really excite them. Are we sure this wasn’t a fifth week?

Running Time: 01:00:00

Pick of the Week:
00:02:37 – Rebels: These Free and Independent States #8

00:11:34 – Deadly Class #31
00:16:21 – The Flash #32
00:19:43 – The Ruff and Ready Show #1
00:22:58 – Saga #48
00:25:42 – Detective Comics #967
00:28:48 – Action Comics #990
00:35:32 – B.P.R.D.: The Devil You Know #3
00:36:44 – Silver Surfer #14
00:38:47 – Punisher: The Platoon #2

Patron Pick:
00:39:55 – DC House of Horror #1

Patron Thanks:
00:45:05 – Charlie Hunt
00:46:15 – Ben Haefner
00:47:03 – Benjamin Clemons
00:48:19 – Christopher Woo

Audience Question:
00:50:29 – Steve H. from Wales, United Kingdom is looking for a good comic book news site.
00:52:42 – Scott S. from Chicago, IL has a… unique question about the iFanboys and Seinfeld.
00:53:59 – Wes A. from Fridley, MN is concerned about indie book hiatuses.

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  1. DC House of Horror was a botched late-term abortion on paper. The worst thing DC comics has published since Sonic Disruptors.

  2. I’m really sorry I helped force you to read this. I’m sorrier still that I read it.

    And stop apologising, the show was great as ever!

  3. I just thought of this, and I could be wrong, because I haven’t followed all of the new 52 and Rebirth Supes stuff, but is this Joe-El the other Superman (new 52 dead one)’s Joe-El and therefore basically #notmyJorEl? Allowing us to perhaps feel that real Jor-El is still a pretty swell guy? Also, that story is treading water. I feel like I’ve read the same issue four times. Bummer. It does look terrific art wise though.

    • Ooh, good point! Of course, the DCU is still enough of a mess right now for this Jor-El to be any number of Jor-Els. I haven’t read the latest issue yet but I’ve actually rather enjoyed this mini-event. It ain’t great but apparently, I’m still not sick of stories about what makes Superman who he is and why he’s clearly not just any old Kryptonian whose response to earth would probably be way different and, largely, much less benevolent than his.

  4. AV Club has been consumed by Kinja platform and retooled as a click-bait “40 news items a day” sort of site, but damn it, they still do really stellar commentary and thoughtful comic analysis. Like, Eisner award-winning (last year) type stuff. Bookmark their comics tag and read every article; maybe it’ll get them enough page hits to where they’ll be able to do more of that and less of CBR’s nauseating pointless listicles,


  5. The Ghostbusters ghost??? What am I supposed to do with that power??? Lol!!!

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