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Pick of the Week #607 – Batman #33

Show Notes

Two Jamokes by the names of Kilpatrick and Flanagan gather round the microphones to talk about Batman, a short, but not insignificant discussion of underwear, but they cannot discuss the location of the third iFanboy partner. And one of the Jamokes left some of his comics 3000 miles away. Finally what is the best choice for desert Bat wear? Yay for renumbering!

(Note: Conor’s track has a buzz on it, and we could not get rid of it. We apologize for any effect this has on your enjoyment.)

Running Time: 01:05:00

Pick of the Week:
00:02:20 – Batman #33

00:14:14 – The Invincible Iron Man #593
00:18:56 – Astro City #48
00:26:03 – The Mighty Thor #700
00:25:23 – Mage: The Hero Denied #3
00:34:26 – Green Lanterns #33
00:36:22 – Invincible #141
00:40:26 – Luke Cage #166
00:43:21 – Champions #13
00:45:22 – Superman #33

Patron Pick:
00:46:40 – Sherlock Frankenstein and the Legion of Evil: From the World of Black Hammer #1

Patron Thanks:
00:51:29 – David Jordan
00:52:23 – Bobby
00:53:36 – Patrick Mahoney
00:54:23 – Gavin Tierney

Audience Question:
00:59:26 – Juan from Los Angeles, CA asks about scary comics!

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  1. I think I have figured out Tom Kings approach to crafting Batman story arcs.
    He watches the Lifetime channel and then thinks- hmm what if Batman was going through That.
    Crippling depression and self doubt, suicide, wedding proposals.
    Just on paper look at that and tell me you can completely dismiss this theory.
    I am also concluding that Tom King must be one of the best dudes on the planet.
    Every podcast that I listen to with podcasters who know Tom or are ‘friends’ with him seem to find it absolutely impossible to criticize or even simply dislike anything he does with this book. Every time it seems like a podcaster might be getting near the idea that something he has done with Batman might not work so well it transforms into ‘Well I like it b/c it’s and interesting choice’
    Yeah- interesting choices- lots of them.
    Look it’s well written but it’s #notmybatman.
    I don’t need Batman to be super machismo -infallible in every way all the time.
    I also don’t want him to be 13 reasons why for 33 issues.
    I am out.
    Good luck Tom you seem like a great guy.
    I just don’t think you have a super solid handle on this and it’s not for me.
    And if by chance you are reading, I also hope that your friends find a way to give you some constructive criticism bc I think it could help you make your run the best it can be.

  2. As Staind once said, “it’s been a while” since I’ve seen the HOW MUCH DID MARVEL PAY YOU or a YOU MUST BE BFF’S WITH THE WRITER in response to positive review on iFanboy.

    • No come on – it’s not like that.
      But I do think that some objectivity might be a bit obscured here.
      And like I said maybe it’s just not for me, but it is issue after issue of Nothing but abject praise from this show or 11 oclcock or CGS etc.
      Could it be that the work is just so good- maybe.
      Could it be that the work is good- but also influenced by personal opinion of the writer- also maybe.
      I just don’t see it as beyond reproach and I also see some elements that invite more scrutiny.
      I am not asking anyone of these shows to change their opinion to suit mine. I am voicing a feeling that somewhere someone sees some things that aren’t perfect with TK’s Batman and explores that.
      Somtimes an interesting choice is interesting but doesn’t work. Balance the ‘it;s so good’ week after week with some of that.

    • also— “It’s been a-whiiillee”

  3. I had to quit reading Neil Gaiman and Michael Reeves’ InterWorld novel because the main character was a high school student who only made old man references. The kid pulled out such red-hot pop culture as “The 3 Stooges”, The Twilght Zone, and (most damning) Errol Flynn. It pulled me right now.

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