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Pick of the Week #604 – Detective Comics #965

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick makes his triumphant return and marks it by celebrating Tim Drake with the Pick of the Week. Meanwhile, Ron Richards enlightens the guys with tales of his childhood in the rolling hills of Italy, and Josh Flanagan is a little dubious of the entire thing. Bonus, we ask the eternal question: Wealth or Pain?

Running Time: 01:02:45

Pick of the Week:
00:02:00 – Detective Comics #965

00:11:34 – Action Comics #988
00:16:20 – Marvel Legacy #1
00:23:05 – Generations: Spider-Man: Miles Morales / Spider-Man: Peter Parker #1
00:26:09 – Generations: Sam Wilson: Captain America / Steve Rogers: Captain America #1
00:32:12 – Wonder Woman #31
00:32:21 – Nick Fury #6
00:36:41 – Nightwing: The New Order #2
00:37:59 – Archie #24
00:39:45 – The Kamandi Challenge #9
00:40:44 – Southern Bastards #18

Patron Pick:
00:43:32 – DuckTales #1

Patron Thanks:
00:50:43 – Howard
00:51:34 – Max Shannon
00:53:48 – Mary Ann Borrelli
00:54:23 – Philip Ricketts

Audience Question:
00:55:32 – Jody W. is looking for some more black and white comics recommendations.
00:57:19 – Josh from Pawhatchet has an idea about Star Wars…

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  1. Is it just me or is there no direct download link?

  2. Funny that two of the black and white recommendations are now available in colour.The new colour edition of Box Office Poison has already been featured a couple of times on the show, I believe, and the coloured version of Bone is so beautiful, I have no idea why anyone would go back to black and white for it.

    • Only part of BOX OFFICE POISON. The color series is not continuing.

    • Oh really? That’s a great pity. I was hoping to check it out in that form when it came out in a collected edition. I’ve been so spoiled by the high quality colouring in comics these days that I’m actually not a huge fan of reading things in black and white – specific “greyscale” colouring like in Black Magick obviously not included. Not that this really stops me from enjoying Strangers in Paradise or Queen and Country, though…

    • I asked the question … it was basically geared toward reading on Kindle w/ E-Ink. I do color when I can in hard copies, but digitally it tends to hurt my eyes on a tablet, so I’ve been delving into black n white graphic novels, etc. when I can on the kindle. Call it ‘neo-old school’ haha – I like the retro feel of black n white with the convenience of the kindle e-ink display. I would never attempt to read today’s regular beautifully colored comics on the kindle though. Was looking for some comics that were ‘meant’ to be in black & white, and the guys delivered! Great recommendations guys! Thanks – Jody

    • Ah I see fair enough. In that case, along with agreeing with the iFanboys’ recommendations, might I also recommend Queen and Country, Brooklyn Dreams, Local, Scott Pilgrim (though I prefer the colour editions), Fortune and Glory, Blankets, Habibi and, of course, Understanding Comics. All great.

  3. Reed and Sue are off ‘re-creating’ the multi-verse after Hickman took a big steaming crap on the Marvel universe
    with Secret Wars.
    Remember? The event concluding issue. I believe it was pick of the week – but does say something that – maybe a year later the three people who review comics professionally can’t remember what happened in it.
    Man – that book was problems. We’re still dealing with the effects of that creative tantrum.

    Is it me- or is Ron slowly steaming that More people aren’t patrons?
    Seems to be coming through.

  4. Does anyone know how many issues nightwing the new order is.
    It sounds very good and right up my street.

    This podcast maid a very painful coach ride less painful

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