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Pick of the Week #602 – Star Wars #36

Show Notes

Ron Richards calls in from the road and conflict abounds! Conor Kilpatrick is grumpy about a lot of books and Josh Flanagan tells off one of his fellow hosts! Plus Star Wars talk almost derails the show.

Running Time: 01:02:38

Pick of the Week:
00:01:16 – Star Wars #36

Comics:Star Wars_36
00:13:39 – Generations: Captain Marvel and Captain Mar-Vell #1
00:16:58 – Dark Knight: Metal #2
00:20:47 – Mister Miracle #2
00:27:08 – Secret Empire: Omega #1
00:34:48 – The Flash #30
00:35:44 – Action Comics #987
00:37:29 – Black Science #31
00:39:38 – Mech Cadet Yu #2

Patron Pick:
00:41:08 – Runaways #1

Patron Thanks:
00:44:40 – Eric Eilersen
00:46:08 – Mike Yun
00:46:53 – Charles Lindquist
00:48:05 – Richard Cleveland

Audience Question:
00:49:01 – Andrew from Santa Cruz, CA looks to the future of Star Wars after Jason Aaron leaves.
00:53:12 – Ron D. from Texas has some thoughts about Miles Morales.

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  1. Ron is 100 on the POTW and his assessment of R2D2 as a whole.
    There is No underestimating R2’s ability and utility. Period.

    Not sure why Conor finds the Robin costumes so incredulous unless just for comedy.
    This whole event is about another dimension why couldn’t another Robin from a whole other layer of existence have that costume?

    Secret Empire failed b/c of the sheer gaudiness of it’s ambition.
    It’s the equivalent of stepping up to the plate and calling a home run – fu*king with Captain America like that.
    It doesn’t matter if you get a second base hit if you fail in your goal with arrogance.
    I think for the very reason that Spencer seemed almost pathologically compelled to write and tweet and tweet and tweet and… tweet about the political climate in the US, there was an obvious and not always so well executed goal to write Steve Rogers as a politico strong man-Trumpian figure. That voice just wasn’t believable. Often times the Steve Rogers ‘doppleganger’ came across as too simplistic -stupid and boorish to have ever pulled off a coup of this magnitude. And I get it it was largely Spencer’s need to comment on trump- but the character and story suffered for it as a result.
    After all the Publisher and writer protestations of ‘No No this Is Steve Rogers’ to have it all resolve with a magical swipe of the hand just further exacerbates event fatigue.

  2. So, I cannot tell you how excited I was for this week’s episode. Giddy is a word that comes to mind. Yes, today would be the day my super power would arrive. I immediately jumped to 46:53 for a listen, fearful that I might have a cursed power. But, Josh bequeathed a beauty. I have already warned my friends that they should hope I see them in a brighter shade of green. They have no idea what I’m talking about. Thanks so much for making this fun. Here’ to another 602 episodes.

  3. I looked up some pages from Star Wars to see what you guys were talking about regarding Larocca’s faces. You’re right. They do look weird. In analyzing it, I think the main problem is that Larocca “inks” his art. That is to say, he draws bold black lines to alias objects. But for whatever reason, he’s NOT doing that to the faces. I think it’s because, since he’s tracing the faces, he doesn’t really know what lines to draw and what lines not to draw. So he is just fully drawing out the faces as one would if they were a portrait artist.

    The problem with the colors in the faces is that they are not being colorer properly. They are being colored as a “Face” with “flesh tones”, but they are not being colored as though they exist in the same room with the rest of the scene. Light is bouncing all around a scene at all times. A face is reflecting all sorts of tones from the room that the face is currently standing in. If they are in, say, an Imepieral Detention center, the face would be picking up and reflecting lots of warm colors like reds and oranges. If they are on, say, Hoth, the face would be picking up and reflecting lots of blues.

    When watching a film, the eye makes the adjustments to see flesh colors as being normal. But when you look at the colors independently, you realize that there isn’t really any one set of “flesh colors” that will work in all scenarios.

    Long story short, it’s why tracing doesn’t work as well as one would think. There’s no shortcut to talent. It just takes hard work.

    But to support Larocca, I have to say that I enjoy the attempt to get the characters to look like themselves. It really helps my enjoyment of the Star Wars books. or at least it did before I realized that I don’t really want new, endless adventures of Han and Luke.

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