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Pick of the Week #599 – Manhunter Special #1

Show Notes

This week! Josh Flanagan is off dealing with his various demons, Ron Richards can’t remember why he wanted to talk about a book (until he does), and Conor Kilpatrick still can’t pronounce “Kamandi.”

Running Time: 00:59:39

Pick of the Week:
00:01:47 – Manhunter Special #1

Manhunter Special_1Comics:
00:10:18 – Generations: The Unworthy Thor / The Mighty Thor #1
00:14:35 – Daredevil #25
00:18:05 – Black Hammer #12
00:25:19 – Secret Empire #9
00:27:46 – Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #27
00:31:38 – The Kamandi Challenge #8
00:34:09 – Batgirl #14

Patron Pick:
00:38:30 – Nightwing: The New Order #1

Patron Thanks:
00:43:24 – Mark Maslauskas
00:44:52 – Edward Kolkebeck
00:45:25 – Mike Coonrad
00:46:15 – Ethan Johnson

Audience Question:
00:47:54 – Lukas B. from Neulengbach, Austria wonders when we’ll see ads in collected editions.
00:49:35 – Juan P. from Los Angeles, CA is worried that not many people in their 20s or younger seem to be into comics by Marvel and DC.

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  1. Why does the Manhunter look so much like the GL Manhunters?

    This is my question for #Episode600
    Why do SO Many comics readers have trouble pronouncing basic words and character names/creator names when they are by default quite literary?
    I mean it’s astounding – podcast hosts- readers- shop owners- it just doesn’t stop from Magnetto- to Assgard- to K-Mandee
    the list is almost endless.
    And no matter how many times these intelligent people learn and re-learn the correct pronunciation very little seems to stick.

    I welcome your theories.

    • People who read a lot often have trouble pronouncing words, as they seem them written down all the time but seldom actually say them. This applies to names and big words too – you may write them or read about them repeatedly but without saying them aloud, you inevitably come up with a semi-pronunciation in your head that may either be different from what it sounds like when verbalized or you might just have trouble forming the precise sounds without tripping over yourself. This sort of thing happens to me pretty often and, as you say, loads of other passionate readers.

      And fair point about Manhunter/ The Manhunters – I would imagine the similarities were intentional. That’s just a guess though. If only there was something out there that might clarify this…

  2. Although mainly a trades guy I’ve been buying the potw lately and loving the variety. Seems like dc is on the up for a while again. The Kirkby energy here was great – I highly recommend the big book by evanier to put it all in context.
    600 question – we all know the British Invasion in the 80’s
    Has there been a similar nation based infusion of talent.
    Why hasn’t there been a second british wave from 2000ad or has it been more drip feeding.
    US comics belong to the world man ! Be proud.

  3. We aren’t accepting questions for episode 600 here in the comments. As we’ve said, email them in to contact at ifanboy dot com.

    • So here’s my question for episode 600 – do you guys hold it against someone if they don’t read or listen, but rather, just ask questions wherever they wish? Also, if Duke walked into West Wing Cheers, is Electro still 10?

  4. It’s a shame I never managed to get a Manhunter article out in the DC Histories series. But, nearly all of your Jack Kirby Manhunter questions can be answered in this issue of SECRET ORIGINS. http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Secret_Origins_Vol_2_22

  5. Daredevil #25- Now all I can picture is drunk Thor showing up to the trial
    Completely ruining the case.
    hitting on the DA, “We spend recess in my chambers?”
    Getting himself arrested for assault.

    Also I think you guys used the taskmaster dancing power before.

  6. On the Generations Thor….Odin didn’t lose his eye until well into the run after istopped being Journey Into Mystery, around 300 or so, and the depictions were just wrong on a lot of the art. I blame the editor on the book! And stay off my lawn!

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