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Pick of the Week #596 – Mech Cadet Yu #1

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Things get confrontational on this week’s show as Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick are alone due to Josh Flanagan doing time for contempt. And that’s all we’ve got to say about that. But, confrontation! Conor is made to name names and we deal with many pop-up windows that may or may not have infected our computers. PLUS! A big, fantastic major ANNOUNCEMENT!

Running Time: 01:06:53

Pick of the Week:
00:02:21  – Mech Cadet Yu #1

00:12:02 – Generations: Banner Hulk / The Totally Awesome Hulk #1
00:17:32 – Jessica Jones #11
00:20:02 – Spider-Man #19
00:22:28 – All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #7
00:28:36 – X-Men: Gold #7
00:29:59 – Green Arrow #28
00:31:31 – Nick Fury #5
00:32:54 – Black Bolt #4
00:34:35 – New Gods Special #1

Patron Pick:
00:36:36 – Elsewhere #1

Patron Thanks:
00:43:08 – Jeremy Risner
00:44:03 – Chuck Pinney
00:44:31 – Douglas A Scott
00:45:33 – Thomas Tung

Audience Question:
00:47:07 – Jason wants answers in regards to Conor and his participation in H.E.A.T.
00:51:23 – Steve from Chicago, IL is curious about the balance between artist and writers.
00:55:48 – Eric from Brooklyn, NY wants to know why we’re seeing such sub-par art in comics?

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  1. So I’ve caught up on Gerry Duggan’s run on GotG. I had jumped ship on the previous run of GotG because I didn’t really like post MCU voice and direction for the series. So I wasn’t jumping at the opportunity to pick up the new run (Even though I’ve liked Duggan’s previous work). Boy was I surprised. It’s great. My main complaint with the previous book was it didn’t really feel like it connected to the Marvel cosmic heritage while also not really having a voice or narrative that felt true for the characters to me. Gerry really righted the ship IMO. Not only do we get Thanos and the Collector (safe characters since they appeared in the movies), but the Grandmaster, a Nova Corp reboot (long over due), Phyla Vell (made me very happy), Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch! …

    Look like know the game they need to play. They need to keep making these books approachable to new audiences. Especially audiences who come in expecting to see something similar to the movies. That said it just felt nice to finally have a book that really felt like it took place in the Marvel cosmic setting. It was always my favorite part of the Marvel universe. I love the MCU, but I don’t want to view Marvel comics only through an MCU lens and for Marvel Cosmic I do feel like we’ve been doing that ever since the first Marvel Now event. The new GotG feels like such a breath of fresh air to me. Yeah Starlord is still more Chris Pratt than legacy Peter Quill and the team dynamic is still pretty much what it is from the MCU (GotG were more of a successor to the Infinity Watch than a group of professional thieves), but somehow that is all more palatable to me when you establish a stronger connection to the legacy.

  2. Electro is always a “1”?? What nonsense is this?? I say thee nay!

    This all started with Ron’s brilliant insight that when ranking costumes, Electro is a “10”.

    May those who claim Electro is a “1” be forever condemned to wear Wonderman costumes.

    • Just to be clear on these 2 critical point:

      1) I backed the original interpretation, Electro can be “10” or “1” interchangeably. The T-shirt looks cool. But “always” a 1? Never

      2) Wearing a Wonderman costume is always a curse UNLESS it is that red nehru jacket with side pocket rockets and blue glasses.

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