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Pick of the Week #593 – The Defenders #3

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This week, amongst the usual weekly comic book talk nonsense, Conor Kilpatrick learns that math is hard, Ron Richards has a mini X-Men meltdown, and Josh Flanagan gives us his thoughts on Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Running Time: 01:00:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:32 – The Defenders #3

Comics:The Defenders_3
00:09:58 – Spider-Men II #1
00:13:31 – X-Men: Blue #7 (plus Weapon X #5, Generation X #4, Jean Grey #4)
00:17:18 – Calexit #1
00:24:36 – Dark Days: The Casting #1
00:33:06 – Action Comics #983
00:34:30 – Deadly Class #29
00:35:30 – The Flash #26
00:36:23 – Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #24

Star Wars Corner:
00:37:15 – Star Wars: Darth Vader #3

Patron Pick:
00:39:32 – Mage: The Hero Denied #0

Patron Thanks:
00:46:03 – Rhyan Sollace
00:46:56 – Jonathan Evans
00:47:21 – Benjamin G. Komar
00:48:03 – Gene Law

Audience Question:
00:50:47 – Peter from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada wants some stories set in the superhero world that are not about superheroes.

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  1. The Casting- Was this written by George Perez? So many words.
    I thought it was an over written mess. Art changes were jarring.

    I also quit Weapon X half way through. Which is odd b/c I was enjoying that series.

    Nth metal being more important than a power for Thanagarians is too much. Doesn’t work and it’s def over stretching it’s value. I fear this is only going to get worse.
    I’m a sucker for alternate character versions though so hopefully that will be entertaining.

    I am enjoying my Harry;s blade quite a bit.
    I will say – the trimmer blade doesn’t work very well and the post shave balm smells like old man on the town
    but it continues to impress with durability.

    I really wish Remender would just let the aging angry punk thing go- Let it go man.
    You can hold on to the ideals for sure- but the emo railing about it is tired.

    Bearded and jacked Barry Allen was awesome.

  2. I skipped ahead to the X-Men: Blue talk, and Ron, I don’t know what to tell you. All this stuff with the mutants and New Tian must be going on in an anthology or other tie-in book, because it’s not in the main Secret Empire book. I had such a bad case of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Syndrome – characters I didn’t know, Beast with Emma and Shaw, XORN!!! Stuff was coming out of left, right, and center fields and made NO sense whatsoever. I have to think Legends/Generations is going to erase all this at this point.

  3. The kinda book Peter is looking for is Chase

  4. In regards to a good non super hero story, set in a super hero world, “Hank Johnson, Agent of Hydra #1”, by David Mandel and Mechael Walsh is a terrific read. It’s a funny one shot with lots of heart.

  5. I’ve read The Defenders since it started and I really don’t see it as a great comic book. It’s pretty good, but I don’t see it as a great story. I have not been that impressed by The Casting and the first prelude where it’s just way too wordy. The Hawkman portions with that writing is really hard to get into.

  6. RE: “books about people on the ground in the superhero universe”: I read Alias around the same time I read Gotham Central and saw a lot of similarities between them. It’s easy to overlook, what with Jessica Jones being superpowered (and of course, not a much bigger character), but from what I remember a lot of it was just smaller detective-y stories that happened to maybe have a superhero-adjacent element.

  7. aurgail (@aurelgaillard) says:

    To answer Peter’s question about superheroes on the ground level, I would second Hitman, Kev, Checkmate and Alias.

    Kurt Busiek’s work also fits that category: Marvels but also a lot of Astro City stories (issue 1/2, The Nearness of You, is a perfect example and free on Comixology) and, less famous, his and Tom Grummett’s Power Company which was a fun look at classic superheroes run as a company.

    Two of my favorite Wildtorm series could also fit:

    First, Wildcats vol.2 and 3.0. The Wildcats as noir, and the Wildcats as a corporation. Superheores won’t save the world, but maybe free batteries will. Casey on writing, Phillips and Nguyen on art.

    Second, Sleeper, which is about super-villains and an undercover agent among them. Brubaker and Phillips. If you love Gotham Central, this makes sense.

    Last but not least, Spider-Man’s Tangled Web just came out as a small omnibus and is a series of short stories by great creators about Peter Parker’s friends and foes: Greg Rucka and Eduardo Risso on the Kingpin, Peter Milligan and Duncan Fregedo on the Rhino, Garth Ennis and John McCrae, Paul Pope, Darwyn Cooke, Sean Phillips, Brian Azzarello, Ted McKeever, Jim Mahfood… and there’s even a Tombstone two-parter by Daniel Way and Leandro Fernandez. I usually hate Way’s writing but I thought this was pretty decent (Tombstone’s in prison, he has to escape by outthinking and being more ruthless than everybody else) and it looks damn great.

  8. Listening to the Harry’s advert, I think you’re the man who can answer something that has been bugging me for years, Conor. Why do some men shave at the gym? Shave at home! You’re in the way!

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