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Pick of the Week #592 – Rock Candy Mountain #4

Show Notes

The gang is back together and there are a great many things to laugh about, and even some actual comic talk. There’s a startling revelation about an art switch, there are salacious allegations of plagiarism, and deep, existential truths are revealed and wisdom gained. There are even gopher based super powers. It’s a whole thing. Plus, hobos!

Running Time: 01:07:19

Pick of the Week:
00:02:04 – Rock Candy Mountain #4

00:11:45 – Jupiter’s Legacy, Vol. 2 #5
00:17:45 – Motor Girl #7
00:21:28 – Seven to Eternity #7
00:24:46 – X-Men: Gold #7
00:35:07 – All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #5
00:37:18 – Black Bolt #3
00:39:13 – Superman #26
00:41:01 – Green Arrow #26

Star Wars Corner:
00:42:53 – Star Wars #33

Patron Pick:
00:45:30 – Deathstroke #21

Patron Thanks:
00:51:09 – Greg Norwood
00:52:44 – Johnson Phung
00:53:40 – Keith Mondore
00:54:28 – Randy Horman

Audience Question:
00:56:47 – James’ comic shop is closing down! What can he do?
01:00:41 – Karl has had it with our lack of respect for math.

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Johnny Cash


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  1. James- not sure how far it would be for you but Emerald City is great. When I lived in FL that was my weekly spot.

  2. So you didn’t cover Batman #26 this week? That’s really surprising especially with covering Green Arrow #26 when you skipped 25 a couple of weeks ago. I thought 26 was good, but had way too much set-up. I thought 25 was great even though there was quite a bit of set-up, but 26 didn’t further the story well enough. I also still don’t like seeing the Riddler being so buff and physically large since he’s not a big guy.

  3. Avatar photo 36crazymet (@themikeylamb) says:

    Boy, do i have a bone to pick with Daredevil #23. This was the worst drawn issue of Daredevil since Pham did issue #13 a few years back. I don’t think i’ve seen someone draw eyebrows, and facial expressions as bad as Alec Morgan did. It’s an other issue from Marvel that makes you question, “How does this art get published?”

    • The worst issue I have seen where it completely took me out of the issue is still Uncanny X-Force #19 which was the aftermath of the Dark Angel Saga. When you go from Jerome Opena to Robert Rodriguez with bad coloring, it was just abysmal.

  4. I’m not a Salvador Larroca fan. I remember the guys had a discussion a while ago about what was more important to a book the art or the story. At the time they almost unanimously stated the art was more important. At the time I was shocked, but now I think I agree. I can read a shit story if it’s got amazing art, but even a great story can’t save an ugly book with muddled presentation. Even the great X-Factor Investigation Peter David run was kinda spoiled for me by the parade of artists some of which ranged from not great to awful (drawing Rahne with a ridiculously literal dog head at one point).

    While I wouldn’t go to those extremes to describe Larroca’s art I just really don’t like his stuff. I’m okay with photo referencing if the finished page looks good, but Larroca has a real problem with people. Particularly their “acting”. The faces to me usually look like they were referenced straight from magazine covers and it’s quite easy to pick out what celebrity he used as a model most of the time. Really takes me out of it. All that said I don’t read Star Wars, but you’d think that book would work toward his strengths.

  5. Hey guys! New patron here. Just wondering how one gets involved In voting for the patron pick! Where do I find it!

  6. What kind of heathen has not read Harry Potter????

  7. If James likes the community at his shop maybe he could ask the other customers where they are going to get comics after it closes? Just relocate the community?

  8. Is anyone else bothered by how Jean Grey is written-
    I mean her voice.
    Hopeless has her obsessed with snapchat and twitter – Bunn writes things like- “It’s not unlike the nightmare future I feared would one day dawn.”

    Is it that tough for a Marvel writer to – sound like smart teenager and not a cliche?

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