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Pick of the Week #591 – Eleanor and the Egret #3

Show Notes

Now that Conor Kilpatrick knows Spanish, he’s settling into his life on the other side of the border. Luckily, Josh Flanagan and Ron Richards pick up the slack and not only discuss the week in comics, but the merits of styrofoam. Modern marvels!

Running Time: 01:06:27

Pick of the Week:
00:01:40 – Eleanor and the Egret #3

00:10:21 – Batman / Elmer Fudd Special #1
00:18:55 – Jonah Hex / Yosemite Sam Special #1
00:22:40 – The Defenders #2
00:26:12 – Rebels: These Free and Independent States #4
00:32:33 – The Dregs #4
00:33:48 – Infamous Iron Man #9
00:35:14 – Lucifer #19

Patron Pick:
00:36:22 – Clue #1

Patron Thanks:
00:50:25 – Thomas Cronan
00:51:11 – Alan Travis
00:52:14 – Kyle Franz
00:53:18 – Rob Carmack

Audience Question:
00:54:33 – Matt Kelly from East Northport, NY wants us to reminisce about our first comic convention experiences.

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  1. I would love a “iFanboy: Who is this for?” Shirt

    • You know what company Should be around Still- Saab.
      I’ll take a cracked bumper over a broken axle any day.

      One question Ron- What is an Egg-Ret?

  2. If you want to see styrofoam cup in Nyc go into any bodega and buy a horchata.

  3. Great show as always. I loved your tangent about styrofoam and had to put in my two cents. From what I have heard (I can’t name a source, so read this with that in mind) paper cups (especially ones for hot drinks with the waxy coating inside) are just as bad for the environment as styrofoam: just different parts of the environment. Styrofoam doesn’t decompose, so it is horrible after it is made, but paper cups cause a lot more air pollution, so they are horrible while being made. My vote is to go back to the Flintstones age and use animal bladders!

  4. Avatar photo Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    I picked CLUE #1 out of genuine curiosity so I appreciated the real drill-down review you two gave it. I look forward to checking it out. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for reading my email! I loved the getting caught in the snow story (everyone from upstate NY has at least one or two), and a young Josh meeting Walt Simonson is a great picture.

    Ithacon was a great first show to go to! I remember some wonderfully cheesy Spider-man and Sinister Six cosplay, having a great chat with Mark Schultz (of Xenoxic Tales, aka Cadillacs and Dinosaurs), and getting my copy of The Maxx signed by Leobs. Yes Josh, getting a can of SPAM as a prize at a comic con is some sort of Platonic form of nerdiness that transcends our understanding.

    Ron, I’m not a native to Long Island, so I missed those early I-CON conventions. They started back up again recently with some great guests, but the admission was a little steep. Maybe I”ll go next year. I did get a chance to attend Eternal Con at Nassau Coliseum this past weekend, and it was a lot of fun (I even got to be a guest on a making comics panel!).

  6. Nice show as always

    I just watched Netflix´s Castlevania, written by warren Ellis and others.
    Since you guys do podcasts on some shows and movies,
    please please do a show on Castlevania

    it’s small (4 ep ~80 min), it has good art, story is compelling, only good reasons for you to watch and make an awesome show

    keep the good work on the best sequential-art podcast

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