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Pick of the Week #590 – The Mighty Thor #20

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With Ron Richards out this week and possibly in need of a good lawyer, Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick must deal with DC kicking them in the balls with all its extra pages… and somebody being hung over.

Running Time: 01:14:45

Pick of the Week:
00:01:52 – The Mighty Thor #20

Comics:The Mighty Thor_20
00:10:21 – Batman #25
00:16:10 – Daredevil #22
00:18:55 – Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #1
00:24:46 – Aquaman #25
00:29:39 – Wonder Woman / Tasmanian Devil Special #1 & Lobo / Road Runner Special #1
00:34:37 – Silver Surfer #12
00:35:56 – Luke Cage #2
00:38:26 – Superman #25
00:40:40 – G.I. Joe #6
00:43:11 – All-Star Batman #11

Star Wars Corner:
00:45:25 – Star Wars: Darth Vader #2

Patron Pick:
00:48:17 – Shirtless Bear-Fighter! #1

Patron Thanks:
00:53:08 – Drew Hamilton
00:54:28 – Michael Nohaile
00:55:35 – Jacob Masters
00:57:00 – Evan Marquez

Audience Question:
01:01:33 – Tony from San Antonio, TX and Ron D., also from Texas, have similar questions about the quality of comic book art and how to judge it.

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  1. Aquaman:
    I couldn’t agree with Conor more concering Aquaman #25.
    The world building that Abnet has been doing finally came full circle and I agree that it is a much need uptick in pacing and energy.
    That coupled with just about the perfect art for this book has made it a near perfect super hero comic right now.

    Mighty Thor:
    I just don’t understand how Volstagg becomes a ‘deadlier- bloodier’ Thor in the last few pages.
    Is it the Ultimate Hammer? I mean why- what was all the description about the ‘New kind of Thor’?
    I found that confusing. In what way would Volstagg become that kind of Thor?
    And is Jane going to pick up the 616 mjolnir? I mean is Thor-Thor going to really let her die
    and talk smack to her about their “romantic dalliances”??
    I don’t know I am glad Josh enjoyed this but I found it kind of rambling mess.
    I also couldn’t care less about an Elfen war.
    To my mind Aaron is running out of gas on this title. It is lonnng past it- not being worthy as a driving force.
    Pick up the Hammer Thor.

    I mean Tom is a very good writer and that comes through but it seems like every single issue his Batman has candles burning and the Cure on in the background. It’s just Soo emo – I don’t hear or feel the confidence of a man steeled in training and resolve. He seems to question Everything.
    And it has felt like it was King wandering around a bit trying to chart a course.

    I want more complexity in Batman and in the history of Batman that action hero- near invulnerable ninja persona has been leaned on too much. I think what we have here is the other side of the coin and I m rapidly getting sick of the indecision and emotional introspection.

  2. I’m amazed God Country #6 didn’t make the show!? One of the best single issues I’ve read in forever

  3. RE: the art question. I think Janin must use Poser or some sort of CG reference software for his human figures, which gives them anatomically correct proportions but a specific stiffness which can be perceived even when drawn over. I like his art in Nightwing, so this isn’t a judgement on the art.

    Here’s a model sheet where the CG is very evident. https://borgdotcom.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/jldark-new-roster.jpg

    • I find this fascinating because I see no CG in that link… just drawings of people.

    • It’s mostly noticeable on Madam Xanadu’s arms and hands which have a somewhat standard Poser pose with CG render and 2D inking for contours. https://bw-1651cf0d2f737d7adeab84d339dbabd3-bcs.s3.amazonaws.com/products/product_84588/product_image_full_143305.jpg. http://i.imgur.com/b3CpQtI.jpg

      You can also see the CG on Zatanna’s chest and neck.

      As an artist myself, I don’t think those tools are off limits, especially because the comic book page involves much more than just drawing an accurate figure. I’m Just pointing at what the other listener might have perceived.

    • Interesting. Yeah, I don’t see any of that at all!

    • It’s a fact Simon, drawing software, such as Manga studio, Sketchbook, etc, have built in characters for posing


      And yes the images you posted use 3d.
      usually you can see the direct use of 3d reference in cars, buildings, objects in general

      There is the direct photobashing Tony Harris style

      And you have the Frank Quitely work, a very stylized drawing that seems to come 99% from his head, complete free hand no use of rulers (not in the final art, but they were there for guidance)

    • I once did some work for a fledgling comic book company, and one of the up-and-comer artists on staff used Poser models all the time. Now I can’t NOT see it whenever it’s employed. It’s annoying.

      That being said, Janin’s compositions and panel breakdowns are what makes him an A-level talent.

    • There’s an excellent documentary called Tim’s Vermeer about an eccentric billionaire in the US that sets out to prove that Jan Vermeer used reference tools on to paint light and form with such accuracy. This isn’t a new practice

    • Ill check that doc, I remember seeing the use of fish eye on Vermeer’s work, he used lens and other tools, he was truly ahead of its time.

      Some even claim painters used a sort of projection in the renascence, Caravaggio probably used it.

      But as you said, this causes a “stiffness”. An aspect present in most classical painting
      An artist like Frank Quitely is one of the best representing motion, and it really enhances the storytelling

    • I definitely think art is very subjective. I normally like Mike Alred’s art. Silver Surfer is what brought me into comics back around 1990. I loved Ron Lim’s portrayal of the Silver Surfer. Today everyone loves Alred’s Silver Surfer. I still get the book, but that style makes me think that Silver Surfer has cat eye makeup. The eyes make him look “girly” to me. Other people love it.

  4. So was I the only one who saw Wonder Woman – Tasmanian Devil #1 and got excited that we were going to see the obscure Australian hero from the JLI? Oh. Well, sounds like that would have made a better comic, anyway.

  5. Great show, and thanks to everyone above for the fascinating art info, I like Janin a lot, his Nightwing work was especially great.

    I’m not sure if you recognised her with the tweaked look, Conor, but the mutant girl in Aquaman was Dolphin, that tart from the Peter David run. Maybe you were avoiding spoiling.

    Good news for the art – Aquaman is b ack to monthly publication.

  6. You mentioned an Uatu in “Peter Parker” this week. Was this a young African-American boy? If so, he’s been around since the Brand New Day period; he was a child prodigy who worked at Horizon with Peter. His mom named him Uatu after the Watcher. Because that’s a thing people do in the 616, I guess, name their kids after cosmic beings. Maybe “The Living Tribunal” just didn’t fit on the birth certificate?

  7. Is Ron still doing the show on Wilson?

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