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Pick of the Week #585 – Batman #23

Show Notes

Josh Flanagan is overwhelmed with both content that we put out, and that is coming in. Also, it’s HOT again folks! This week, we’re both just fine with, and not at all okay with the same books at the same time, for basically the same reasons. It can get very confusing.

Running Time:  01:06:44

Pick of the Week:
00:02:04 – Batman #23

00:11:20 – Secret Empire #2
00:17:54 – Superman #23
00:21:32 – Luke Cage #1
00:25:39 – The Flash #22
00:33:45 – Daredevil #20
00:34:16 – The Mighty Thor #19
00:36:48 – Eleanor and the Egret #2
00:38:02 – Nick Fury #2

Star Wars Corner:
00:39:19 – Star Wars #31 / Star Wars: Poe Dameron #15

Patron Pick:
00:42:41 – Grrl Scouts: Magic Socks #1

Patron Thanks:
00:49:25 – Mark Bennett
00:50:55 – Bryan Herhold
00:52:33 – Michael Freveletti
00:53:20 – Scott Carelli

Audience Questions:
00:54:46 – Ron (a different one) has thoughts about the Anti-Life Equation.
00:57:05 – Frank asks a horrible, horrible question that shall never be spoken of again.

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“(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding”
Chris Cornell


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  1. It’ll be months before I’m caught up enough to hear this, but I’m excited by the prospect of this Frank question. No two ways about it.

  2. Conor, not offended by the ripping on Reno but Reno isn’t just the poor man’s Vegas anymore (Though the slogan of “what happens in Vegas, is cheaper in Reno” still applies). We are actually a self sustaining economy now with great places to do, a heck of a nightlife for young people. We’re actually one of the fastest growing cities in the US and we are ranked as one of the top places to live for Mellenials, it’s also beautiful in south and west Reno. Doesn’t look like Vegas at all, snow capped mountains, lots of hiking, green hills everywhere.

    I’d invite you to come down, I’ll show you around.

  3. Dudes! Batman #23 Brave and the Mold is totally a follow up to The Button. Daddy issues was Batman’s whole arc in that. Swamp Thing got letters from his dad and never opened them, Batman had a treasured letter from his dad “the greatest gift anyone’s ever given me” that was destroyed by Reverse Flash. Swamp Thing tells Bats that he doesn’t understand about his dad being killed/dying. And Swamp Thing says Batman is the reason he was drawn there, for daddy vengeance. Almost like an epilogue.

  4. King’s best issue of Batman yet.

    Another cool bit of painting trivia from the issue: The painting in the museum to the right of the one the murderer is looking at is the one painting that the Joker doesn’t vandalize in the original Tim Burton Batman movie. “I kinda like that one, leave it alone.” Or something like that.

  5. I’ve recently started listening to these podcasts. I think I’ve listened to about 7 or 8 so far. I love the honesty of the show. For example, you guys mentioned something about the Ultimates2 #7 artwork (don’t remember which podcast this was). You didn’t go into it too much, but you have with books like Star Wars with it’s strange picture art. I wanted to comment on the Ultimates in particular. When I opened the book and saw the first page, I thought it was some sort of spoof/joke. I quickly looked through a couple pages to find out what was going on. I saw a few pages and then just sat there confused… I literally sat there in shock and confusion that something like this would be published.

    I recently (about 4 months ago) got back into comics after a 25 year break. I last ready comics around 1990-1994 when I was 12-16 years old. All I can think is what is going on with the industry today? Have standards been lowered that much?

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