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Pick of the Week #584 – X-Men: Blue #3

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick has been deprogrammed and that leads to engaging Josh Flanagan and Ron Richards is some in depth discussions about “What is evil?” and other musings about comic books, because that’s what we do.

Running Time: 01:04:33

Pick of the Week:
00:01:50 – X-Men: Blue #3

00:11:52 – The Avengers #7
00:17:26 – Green Valley #8
00:19:49 – All-Star Batman #8
00:26:01 – Rocket #1
00:31:20 – Deadpool #30
00:33:12 – Uncanny Avengers #23
00:34:56 – Action Comics #979
00:37:15 – New Super-Man #11

Star Wars Corner:
00:37:38 – Star Wars: The Screaming Citadel #1

Patron Pick:
00:40:25 – Bug! The Adventures of Forager #1

Patron Thanks:
00:47:16 – Allan David Muir
00:48:46 – James Burton
00:49:21 – Luke Batt
00:49:56 – David Crohn

Audience Questions:
00:50:37 – Kevin from Fairfax, VA wants us to imagine a movie about the comics industry, who would write and direct it and what would it be about?
00:56:04 – Rashaad from Florida calls in with a deep X-Men lore question.

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  1. small thing-
    Bastion= Bast-shun like mo-tion not Mo-Tee-on

  2. Al Ewing is one of the most underrated Marvel writers- he gets the universe and concepts and makes it new while retaining the core elements of the characters. Like Hickman crossed with Yost.

  3. I’m on Season 10 episode 20 of a rewatch. He is currently bearded.

    I’m not on any of the social media you mentioned, but here’s this:


  4. I think you guys answered your own question really. It’s hands down Bearded Cheers Frasier. Something about him being so defeated makes him a much more effective character.

  5. I don’t think Bearded Cheers Frasier is up for debate. He is clearly the Alpha Crane. I don’t tweet, instagram, or facebook, but I am listening…

  6. Conor wins the podcast this week with that jab at Cyclops.

  7. Thanks to Ron for a useful super power, and as a bonus, my Mystery Men-caliber codename: The Leveler.

    “God gave me a gift. I level well. I level very well.”:

    Also, I’m listening.

  8. My wife and I are currently watching through Frasier and since we are in the “curly mullet” era, I’m going with that. I don’t have Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, but…I’m listening.

  9. You know, when it comes to Cyclops being called “Slim” I never actually took that literally and more as one of those nicknames you get as a kid when your friends are messing with you and it stuck. It probably applied when he was a kid but as an adult he’s really only ever called that by Wolverine, and usually in a manner suggesting that Logan is just being a dick.

  10. As most seem to agree, bearded Cheers Frasier is best. In the last season when Lilith leaves him for the eco-pod guy… so much angst and resentment!

  11. Clark and Lois could afford just about any apartment they wanted since Superman can transform a lump of coal into diamond using his super strength. Creating the diamond would be relatively easy, but converting it to cash would be hard. While not an illegal diamond, it has no history, chain of custody, etc. Most people would assume it had been smuggled. Although WayneTech would probably have a steady demand for industrial diamonds, I really like the idea of Selina Kyle fencing Superman diamonds. It would have been a great storyline for Darwyn Cooke to explore.

  12. I want to dive into that whole “Evil” conversation. I tend to think of evil as a description of an action more than a person. Most criminals and therefore villains are capable of evil acts, but are really suffering from some type of psychological or behavioral disorder whether it’s psychopathy, or sociopathy.

  13. I’m listening Mr. K….

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