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Pick of the Week #581 – Nick Fury #1

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It’s the morning edition of iFanboy as Josh Flanagan and Ron Richards come to terms with Conor Kilpatrick’s new role in the French Resistance. Beyond that, there’s some heavy talk about the comic book industry and the state of things, because, what do we know? Maybe something? Sure.

Running Time:  00:58:57

Pick of the Week/Patron Pick:
00:02:55 – Nick Fury #1

00:11:45 – Secret Empire #0
00:13:40 – Captain America: Steve Rogers #16
00:17:36 – Batman #21
00:33:02 – Astro City #43
00:34:54 – Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea
00:39:46 – Black Hammer #8
00:40:19 – I Hate Fairyland #12
00:41:53 – Shaolin Cowboy: Who’ll Stop The Reign #1
00:42:40 – Black Science #29

Patron Thanks:
00:45:20 – Greg Aleksey
00:45:48 – Damian Sherman
00:46:31 – Ralph Lee
00:46:55 – Tom Benton

Audience Question:
00:48:07 – Karl from Boston is wondering how long you stick with a book before bailing?
00:51:31 – Matthew (Moore) Glenn reminisced about Steve Pugh on Animal Man.

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  1. Thank you, Josh, for the highly reasonable comments about the state of things, including the very important fact that there is a ton of diverse, original and interesting stuff with great artwork coming from Marvel right now. Yeah, a fair amount of it is recently cancelled, but only after respectable runs (and some very low sales) and those creators are being given other opportunities. We’re at the point where I find the commentary about how offensive Marvel and DC are much more offensive than what the Big 2 are actually doing. I blame social media outrage addiction.

    Anyway, you two pointed out some of the real problems (esp. what double shipping is doing to the art) without jumping to the conclusion that Marvel are now pro-Nazi. Thanks for the best discussion on the problems with mainstream comics that I’ve heard in a while!

    • I like this comment. For me Marvel is still producing more comics I want to read every month than any other company

    • I hate to be a luddite but the world is a much more pleasant place if you just unplug from most social media streams. I don’t need to know what everyone is thinking. It’s okay if I’m ignorant of the latest buzz. My wife will let me know if anything important happens.

      That said I still listen to ifanboy so I’ve not gone full recluse yet.

    • Though to be fair there is a big difference between listening to the rasping cacophony of the mob and listening to a filtered informed opinion about a subject.

  2. Enjoyed the Marvel discussion lots.. but where did Conor go?

  3. Assuming the Jawbreaker tune is based on the Riot Fest reunion stuff. Too bad I’m so worried.

  4. Very cool discussion on the state of the industry. I mostly agree but I do think that current DC does have to be looked at in context. It’s very traditional right now specifically because of the blowback against the New 52 and the abysmal sales of DC YOU. And, honestly, however much I enjoy the more fringe superhero titles (which Marvel definitely has more of right now – but its main line seems to be in such disarray that they still seem to be behind DC overall now), I do have to wonder if Big 2 superhero comics are really where creators are ever going to have the chance to really indulge their own creativity. That, I think, is why we have stuff like Image, Dark Horse, Aftershock, BOOM and all the rest to really scratch that itch. Superheroes can be “great art” but you, more often than not, they either require creators with the talent and knowledge on how to use the superhero format to its utmost potential or it has to be at a time when conditions are such that they have the freedom to really go nuts. Young Animal aside, now is not really that time for DC, so you can either enjoy there rather traditional books (and I am – for the first time in years) or (or is that and/or?) you can look elsewhere for comics that really allow creators to stretch themselves.

    As for Black Science, it was the only one of the current slate of Rick Remender books that I missed out on but I’ve recently read the first trade and am definitely down for more. I don’t know if it’s my favourite thing he’s done but, typically, it’s really good stuff and I totally echo your guys’ recommendation. I’m way more passionate about having Lazarus finish its run but I’m with you on Black Science nonetheless!

  5. Couldn’t disagree with you more, Ron, on the state of art at Marvel. Thought I’d look at the interior artists on Marvel books in May. Here’s some of the greats that I came across: McNiven, Travel Foreman, Kuder, Pacheco, Humberto Ramos, Del Mundo, Dauterman, Maleev, Asrar, Tradd Moore, Bagley, Immonen, Stegman, Ed McGuinness, Gaydos, Garney, Bachalo, Kevin Nowlan, Alan Davisand many more greats. But they’re just a bunch of chumps, right Ron?

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