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Pick of the Week #579 – The Flintstones #10

Show Notes

Things can get emotional when we’re reading our comics and this week turned on the waterworks a bit. Ron and Conor hold down the fort while Josh is off on an HR approved trip.  In his absence we get some quality talk about artists and the impact of Werner Herzog. PLUS Some important news for iFanboy Patrons!

Running Time: 01:09:24

Pick of the Week:
00:01:46 – The Flintstones #10

00:13:11 – X-Men: Gold #1
00:21:45 – Eleanor and the Egret #1
00:26:13 – Superman #20
00:29:19 – Champions #7
00:35:55 – Captain America: Steve Rogers #15
00:38:45 – Love & Rockets #2
00:39:10 – Motor Girl #5
00:41:52 – Rock Candy Mountain #1

Star Wars Corner:
00:44:22 – Star Wars #30

Patron Pick:
00:45:55 – Black Cloud #1

Patron Thanks:
00:49:50 – Sean Anderson
00:50:58 – Chris Styne
00:51:44 – Eric Stalzmann
00:52:26 – James Pelter

Audience Question:
00:56:33 – Matt from Toledo, Ohio wants to know if there’s any comics that we wouldn’t recommend to new readers?
01:01:43 – Patrick is curious about attitudes towards relationships in comic books?

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  1. Flintstones-
    The bowling ball was Never anthropomorphic!
    It’s a rock. just a rock. No need or grounds for it to be anything but, nothing like an appliance.
    I want to like this book I do- but I have stayed away from it b/c of touches like that.
    The puns–
    I also do not need to see them kill the vacuum cleaner. It feels pandery.
    I guess- it’s just not for me- I want it to be to enjoy the commentary. But maybe I’ll pick up a trade and then see.

    If you want to point out trying too hard to be hip cool and relevant? Look at All New X-Men
    Hopeless sounds like he’s 65 constantly referencing social media

    Art at Marvel is def being talked about – in the same retailer conference that Alonso made his infamous remarks about diversity he was also criticized for comments that clearly devalue the role artists at Marvel.

    I am on long time on record with my theory of what is wrong at Marvel and why-
    At this point I honestly believe you can trace most of it back to one man- Axel Alonso.

    It’s ultimately his job to over see everything that is going on in comics comics production and I feel he really has lead Marvel astray. I am sure there there are any number of behind the scenes influences and stressors that he has to deal with but from his press calls to his official statements it seems clear that his vision just isn’t working and hasn’t been for some time.

    • I agree 100% that what is wrong with Marvel is Alonzo, and that is shocking to me. When he was coming up, he was the cool maverick editor at Marvel. Once he became EIC, though, he basically seems to make poor decision after poor decision.

      I think he thinks that he is taking comics back to their subversive roots, but NOTHING they are doing is working for me.

    • KidDynamo: My issue with Marvel is in their attempt to be subversive and different they are doing neither. They are just making themselves feel good but making no real waves. I’m waiting for Marvel to surprise me and other than Nick Spencer they aren’t. But lets be real Marvel is still pumping out about 5-7 must read books every single month. To me that’s better than DC and about equal to Image.

  2. Wait- the live stream is going away?

    • No, our live monthly patreon hangouts are staying. We’re proposing changing the next patreon goal from livestreaming the weekly show to adding a non-comics media podcast

    • Ahh- thanks for clarifying.
      IMO – while I would welcome an additional podcast I don’t think that proposal would be an equal substitute for a hangout.

    • no, that’s not quite it – are you a patron? it’s all explained on the patrons only post on patreon.com/ifanboy

  3. “I have a gift. I shovel well.”

  4. Ron, was there some reason you’re congratulating Conor at the end? Just on the time off?

  5. Well you probably won’t have to worry about Syaf’s art on X-Men for much longer.


  6. Is C. B. Cebulski still the art recruiter for Marvel? Marvel’s art hey day was when he was leading the charge and keeping a steady flow of superior talent. I haven’t heard much from him lately though…

  7. You know, it seems like you guys do the no-marriage/no-kids-for-superheroes rant every time Josh is out. It’s suspicious. I mean, you don’t have to be a psychologist to make assumptions.

  8. I really want to like X-Men Gold considering it’s almost a reunion of the classic Excalibur team, which is one of my favorite comic book runs from my childhood. It’s certainly a very Kitty centric book consider those are all characters very important to her.

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