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Pick of the Week #577 – Black Hammer #7

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It’s another grand ol’ time at iFanboy. Learn why some comics are good and some comics aren’t good, and how some comics are good, but we don’t care anyway, because of all sorts of other stuff. Come have a special moment with us, and discuss who your Green Lantern is. Heads up for another classic pronunciation of “corps”!

Running Time: 01:09:18

Pick of the Week:
00:02:12 – Black Hammer #7

00:12:48 – Extraordinary X-Men #20
00:15:59 – Action Comics #976
00:20:51 – Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #17
00:24:34 – The Flash #19
00:26:57 – Iron Fist #1
00:35:06 – Detective Comics #953
00:35:48 – Reborn #5
00:37:40 – The Unworthy Thor #5
00:41:05 – Spider-Gwen #18

Patron Pick:
00:42:10 – X-O Manowar #1

Patron Thanks:
00:50:00 – Caleb McKee
00:50:45 – Zachary Field
00:51:35 – Joshua Lincoln Nelson
00:52:41 – Colton Kalinowski

Audience Question:
00:56:36 – Ryan from Australia asks about X-Men: Apocalypse, coming around to media later on, and what Batman story should be in the next movie.

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  1. My big takeaway on the Superman/Action Comics stuff was that it undid all the New 52/Multiple Supermen in one timeline shenanigans and replaced it a new continuity. It wasn’t that New 52 and Old Superman were just merged — the entire timeline was rewritten so that there has always been one Superman. Pretty much the ultimate retcon. And all through the ‘power of love.’ Go figure.

    I’m guessing they’re going to wind up doing this with all the characters by the time the Button wraps up.

    • I really liked Reborn. I thought they did a great job putting all the Superman pieces back where they belong. And using Myxyzptlyk was a really Superman way to do it.

      Myxyzptlyk said in the previous issue that Superman and Lois were split into two versions of themselves (red and blue). I think the idea from Rebirth is that everyone else in the New 52 DCU was just the original DCU character with time stolen and their realities messed with.

  2. Josh, thanks for having the guts to call out that Reborn is kind of dumb. Are people just star-struck by it, or what? Also: I’m not even sure why you mentioned it, but I was just thinking about Superman in A Death in the Family this morning!

  3. In my opinion, Valiant has been consistently putting out better super hero comics than Marvel or DC

    • Yeah, I gotta say while Marvel and DC do still have a bunch of books I like such as Daredevil, Deadpool, Deathstroke, Superman and etc. Valiant however for the most part doesn’t have Marvel’s seemingly current lack of focus (with all the unfinished plotlines and new stuff seemingly coming out of nowhere) and admittedly also not doing the best job with creating some of their new younger legacy characters (but I don’t want to rant about that ATM) or DC’s current mind boggling state (so you mean to tell me that Dr Manhattan in his attempt to make the DC Universe more cynical also had to make characters like Helena Bertinelli, Morgan Edge, and Etta Candy into black people? As a black nerd I hope to God I don’t have a case of outrage once all this Rebirth/Watchmen stuff comes to head).

      For Valiant at this point all we need now is to get more Quantum and Woody, bring back Shadowman and hope Jeff Lemire doesn’t jump ship like he did for the big two.

  4. So everybody is agreeing to vote for Suicide Squad Banana Splits Special #1 for the Patron Pick next week, right?

    • I gotta tell yah man. I know they won’t do it but I kinda want them to have a Ratings segment for all the Hanna Barbera crossovers specials next week and the Looney Tunes crossover specials in the next few months.

    • Sounds like a great idea! Something has to replace all the Rebirth ratings.

  5. Hellooo iFanboy! I’m a longtime listener, first time comment poster, and also just so happen to be a Valiant fan (mostly for the new stuff, I wasn’t even born yet when the original Valiant books first came out). Two Things:

    1) Someone may have told you this by now since you posted the episode but X-O Manowar is a play on words. Cause the main guy wears alien powered EXOskeleton (just think of the Scarab from Blue Beetle) and is a warrior thus X-O Manowar.

    2) Even though one would think that it being a “space Conan” book would make you be more down for it (although then again I don’t entirely know how much you like Conan to begin with) I get it, there are a lot of books out there and Valiant is the third big comic book universe after Marvel and DC. That alone is asking a bunch but if you also really really don’t care about the material despite trying, no hard feelings. I mean after all, even y’all tend to bring up a bunch of books where despite me acknowledging the talent on display, I just can’t fade.

  6. Also, Yo Ron! Since we’re finally putting the kibosh to this era of X-Men I just got to say I heavily disagree with you saying the All-New X-Men book was the best during this questionable era. IMO it was Uncanny X-Men by Cullen Bunn, because

    A) It kinda worked as a killer sequel to what Bunn was doing on Magneto before ANAD Marvel (and since he’ll also be writing more Magneto in X-Men Blue you can consider that book the sequel to what he did on Uncanny X-Men).

    B) Considering how messed up the situation was for the X-Men, it got for me to a point where I just said “screw it” and just embraced the more messed up team of characters; that of course being the antiheroes.

    C) I feel like Greg Land (whose work I feel has gotten better in recent years though still not great) and Ken Lashley’s art fit better for Uncanny X-Men than Humberto Ramos and Victor Ibanez on Extraordinary X-men or Mark Bagley on All-New X-Men. Now if they had Ramos and Ibanez on All-New X-Men and Bagley on Extraordinary I might be singing a different tune on that.

    D) Apocalypse Wars wasn’t very good but IMO the All-New X-Men tie in was the worst due to it only being about Beast and Genesis (the other books at least had all the team members present) and also let’s just say not doing Genesis any favors as far as character development was concerned.

    E) Young Cyclops to me is the most interesting out of all of these time travelling O5 X-Men and he has a much better team book in the form of Champions, just saying…

    Phew! Finally got that monkey off my back.

    • Ron gave All New X-men higher marks b/c he loves that emo- teen drama. Can’t seem to resist it.
      It colors his views almost every time. IMO it is a far far cry from the depth of dialogue Hoepless displayed in Avengers Arena. There is only so much Twitter references and YouTube teen speak from 3 years ago that I can stand.

  7. During the early 90s I had a friend who bought all the Valiant stuff. I bought a lot of the Image stuff, and we would trade so I read much of the old Valiant run and I always the Valiant was way stronger. I think a lot of my enthusiasm for the line comes from Barry Windsor-Smith and Bob Layton’s involvement. Not only did they do much of the initial artwork (and plot) they also influenced many of the new and up coming artists in the studio, and I feel that original Valiant style holds up.

  8. I always assumed Ron’s email address meant he was an XO Manofwar fan. Apparently not!

  9. When I read Black Hammer, which I love, I must do so with two or three fingers of scotch, because I get nervous that Lemire & Ormston are gonna get sued, as their DC/Marvel “homages” seem way more on-the-nose than most non-Big Two books go.

  10. Disappointed to hear @Ron express apprehension at having to watch Iron Fist just because of the negative reviews, come on mate, watch it then make up your own mind! I’m sure its certainly better than Gossip Girl, which you seemed to love, stop rewatching Twin Peaks a million times and get your skates on.

  11. Sounds like Josh just listened to This American Life.

    Sadly though in criminal law, mistake of the law is not a defense.
    Intent would only determine the degree to which you broke the law.
    As long as you intend your action, you broke some law.
    Killing someone without intending to is still manslaughter as long as you intended to juggle those chainsaws.
    And pretending to be a non profit to dupe an eccentric millionaire into avoiding taxes by donating to you is still fraud.

    You’ll just have to earn your money the old fashion way…marrying the millionaire and kill them so it looks like an accident.

    Wait…unless your comment just a very very subtle #trypod month participation then nevermind.

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