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Pick of the Week #576 – The Wild Storm #2

Show Notes

On this week’s free-wheeling episode of your weekly comic book talk we also find time to cover Conor Kilpatrick’s spreadsheets, Ron Richards’ musical tastes, and Josh Flanagan’s life choices. Also, we apologize for some weird audio hits throughout the show.

Running Time: 01:04:30

Pick of the Week:
00:01:48 – The Wild Storm #2

Comics:The Wild Storm_2
00:15:48 – All-Star Batman #8
00:19:37 – Kill or Be Killed #7
00:21:51 – The Amazing Spider-Man #25
00:27:36 – G.I. Joe #3
00:34:56 – Box Office Poison: Color Comics #3
00:36:36 – Spider-Man #14
00:37:44 – Archie #18
00:39:17 – Superman #19
00:41:11 – Batwoman #1

Patron Pick:
00:42:41 – American Gods #1

Patron Thanks:
00:47:47 – Brandon Adcock
00:48:26 – Ron King
00:49:41 – Edward Bauman
00:50:19 – Jamieson Alcorn

Audience Question:
00:51:25 – Lukas B. from Austria has a question about greater cultural trends in comics.
00:56:15 – Tom O. from Michigan calls in with dismay about Ron’s musical tastes.

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“Gimme Shelter”
Rolling Stones

Red Hot Chili Peppers



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  1. Good show- when are we getting the Iron Fist special edition? Wasn’t as bad as the early reviews but very weak compared to the other 3. Terrible dialogue and no real threat, inconsistent tone- all over the shop.

    Story should have been an origin story with an episode or two in Kun Lin midway through the season (like Daredevil and Cage) with Danny being mercilessly bullied because he is white, which drives him to be the Iron Fist. Comes to New York to take on the Hand, but instead runs into a vengeful Davos backed by Gao/Crane Mother. Tries to wrestle back control of his company in the meantime, with the Meachums in a drastically reduced role.

    I enjoyed watching it but it’s a series misstep and a real missed opportunity, obviously the writing team had no real connection to the comics nor a clue how to adapt it

  2. I’ve been dragging my feet on The Wild Storm. I should pick it up. I definitely loved all those old characters and I do like Ellis’ work. I am a bit worried about getting too attached to Ellis on this project though. I love Ellis, but it’s always frustrating to see him kill it for 5 issues or so then jump off. On sort of a tangent is Trees still going on or is he finished with that?

    Also is it weird that the bad reviews for Iron Fist are motivating me more to watch the show than any of the good reviews for the other show. So far I’m liking it. It can clearly be better, but I mean lets be honest the Netflix shows all have their issues.

  3. With regard to Ron’s question about Secret Wars doing away with the multiverse in Marvel, if I remember correctly, the series ended with Franklin and the Molecule Man recreating the multiverse.

  4. ‘They’re never gonna move him off for reasons not worth getting into…’

    Oh Conor, you tease!

  5. Still trying to get over Ron’s hatred of the Stones (though I do certainly get not liking the Red Hot Chilli Peppers). Still, playing one of the greatest rock and roll songs ever to start off the show goes some way to alleviating that.

    And then you all admitted to not liking American Gods (the novel) or haven’t read it. Quite the roller coaster of contrary opinions.

    Regardless, great show as per usual. Also cool that, for a rare change, you actually talked about almost all of the books I read this week (except for Sex Criminals, which I know Josh’s thoughts about nowadays anyway). I mostly agree with you on all of them but, is it just me, or did the over-written narration seriously detract from anyone else’s enjoyment of the otherwise perfectly good All Star Batman? I mean, it’s cool that Snyder is willing to try something so different but the novelistic narration just felt like it played against the strength of ASB as a comic book.

  6. I’m British and old and I don’t care about the Stones; it doesn’t mean I’m terrible, or they’re rubbish. We just don’t connect. I do hope ‘justify not liking something’ doesn’t become a regular feature.

    Are there any IGrans out there?

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