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Pick of the Week #573 – The Old Guard #1

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When the Patrons select the same book that is named the Pick of the Week the entire show is thrown into chaos! It’s up to Josh Flanagan, Ron Richards, and Conor Kilpatrick to hold it together and talk about this week’s comics in this creepily sexy episode! Plus, what does 5 stars mean… exactly? Also, we hear from a mom!

Running Time: 00:55:34

Pick of the Week/Patron Pick:
00:01:29 – The Old Guard #1

The Old Guard_1Comics:
00:11:45 – The Belfry
00:14:44 – Astro City #41
00:19:42 – Spider-Woman #17
00:23:26 – Supergirl: Being Super #2
00:28:32 – Revival #47
00:29:29 – Elecktra #1
00:30:43 – The Visitor: How and Why He Stayed #1
00:32:28 – Loose Ends #2
00:33:10 – Action Comics #974
00:34:17 – Curse Words #2
00:35:25 – The Flash #17
00:36:36 – The Avengers #4.1
00:37:38 – Deathstroke #13

Patron Thanks:
00:40:05 – Thomas Litchford
00:42:00 – Ron Buckman III
00:43:00 – Ravin M. Fields
00:43:44 – Nick Duffield

Audience Question:
00:44:32 – Greg from Oakland, CA wonders if the Marvel Universe is shackled to World War II.
00:48:54 – We’ve got an iFanMom! Lexi from Pennsylvania writes in to say hi.

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  1. ACTUALLY, Ron, Magneto was de-aged. I’m disappointed in you. He was changed to an infant and aged to his prime. Ewing did some interesting things with the Marvel timeline in the Ultimates, last year. I can’t remember the specifics, but he wrote the timeline was constantly cosmically adjusting to the Marvel U. So, it’s not so much that the characters are never aging, it’s that time is being clipped, unbeknownst to anyone…or something. I remember thinking it was a great way to approach it when I read it. Someone please “actually” this for clarification.

    • Get him.

    • Yeah, I was a little surprised that Ron didn’t remember it. It was a major plot point in the only arc of Claremont/Lee X-Men. Magneto found out that Moira futzed with his DNA while he was a baby; she was hoping it would make him better and she could do something similar to Proteus. BTW, he was de-aged in Defenders #16 and re-aged in Uncanny #104 by a Shi’ar (looks like Eric the Red?)

    • One of the core tenets of being a mutant is that that in addition to having an ‘extra’ power is the necessary physiology to be extra hearty- durable physically in order to blast plasma from your body and channel cosmic energy etc.
      Now the degree of this varies from mutant to mutant but-
      This has been written about and hinted at more than a few times as to why Magneto might have a bit more youthful and vitality than you would expect.
      Not a super soldier serum per se- but more of a good genes effect.

    • That’s what Moira’s tinkering was trying to fix – there was an abnormality in his genes where he was using more power than his physiology could handle. She compared it to a power cable carrying more juice than it was built for. The strain it put on his body, she believed, was the cause of his behavior. Fixing the glitch, she hoped, would get him back to being the man Xavier befriended in Israel. So, yeah, your theory would make sense.

  2. If you guys ever do a “best of” clipshow, it’d be awesome to use Conor-as-late-night-smoov-radio-DJ for the framing device, to intro each segment. Or maybe after a half-hour shift, he could pass the studio over to Ron-as-after-party-punk-new-wave-radio-DJ, who, when done, would then pass the studio over to Josh-as-alt-rock-and-parenting-tips-radio-DJ

  3. Excellent points about World War II’s impact on the Marvel Universe. Speaking of, Reed and Ben Grimm both served as I recall and I *think* Ben was a pilot in Korea as well. Anyone know if that’s been retconned or is it one of those “if we don’t talk about it, it never happened ” sort of things.

    • Well, they’d have to be around for there to be a ret-con… Also, Ben said at the beginning of the most recent GotG run that being in space was all he ever dreamed of, which would be pretty consistent with a post-WWII/Korea test pilot figure, though the same could also be said for an 80’s kid who watched “Space Camp” one too many times.

  4. Avatar photo Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    By the way, that Clark Kent is clearly the Matrix Supergirl from the ’90s, right? Because everything from the ’90s is being trotted out again in the DC books.

    Also, I think that Action Comics should be #974 and not #17.

  5. You should really have a Conor’s Corner where he reviews lettering with smooth jazz playing .

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