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Pick of the Week #572 – Kill or Be Killed #6

Show Notes

Caw! It’s time for comics. Some are good. Some are “fine” and others are, as always, infected with that damned Terrigen mist cloud. There’s a bit of rebar talk, and genuine enthusiasm for socks. All that, and dual Rebirth ratings in our make up segment. Also, see if you can find Conor Kilpatrick referencing Project Greenlight season 3. It happens. And more.

Running Time: 01:08:46

Pick of the Week:
00:01:46 – Kill or Be Killed #6

00:11:15 – Monsters Unleashed #3
00:15:56 – Superman #17
00:18:34 – The Mighty Thor #16
00:22:35 – Batman #17
00:28:25 – Nightwing #15
00:31:29 – Super Sons #1
00:32:22 – Daredevil #17
00:34:40 – Mother Panic #3

00:38:00 – Justice League of America: Rebirth #1
00:42:03 – Batwoman: Rebirth #1

Patron’s Choice:
00:47:32 – The Wild Storm #1

Patron Thanks:
00:55:01 – Chris Ferullo
00:56:24 – Matt Baron
00:56:48 – Joey Rosenberg
00:57:24 – Brad Page

Audience Question:
00:58:18 – Adam asks a completely new question about numbered print runs in comics.

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“Waltz #2”
J Mascis


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  1. Editorial driven comics have always been a thing- sure.
    But maybe past editors were just better at it.

    Because this Marvel—

    Ahh- yes the podcast Conver-ad the Adver-sation?
    What a time to be alive.

  2. It’s so interesting how people can have such wildly different reactions to a book. I’d seen Jon Davis-Hunt’s art in ‘Clean Room’ and I figured he’d be a good fit for whatever Warren Ellis was going to try. I wasn’t disappointed at all. I thought his art was terrific (kind of a blend of Mike Dowling and Frank Quitely) and that page of Jenny’s flesh tearing apart from the inside was top notch.

    Like Josh I was intrigued by Ellis just taking the core Wildstorm components and running off with a new take. I fear he’ll be gone in six issues (or they’ll be horribly late), but as it is, this along with ‘Young Animal’ has almost all of my available comics dollars tied up right now.

  3. So, am I to infer that Josh really hated Sex Criminals 16? Man, now I really wish that was the Patron’s pick (it was mine). I can’t comment on it yet as I still need to sit down and read it but I’ve loved every issue so far so I’m very curious to hear what he didn’t like about it.

    Great show, as always, of course, but, yeah, you guys definitely embraced the whole “old men shaking their fists in the sky” schtick that, as someone who is only five years younger than you and has been reading comics for almost as long as you too, I can definitely relate to at times. I was, though, pretty positive about the comics I’ve read so far this week – which was admittedly helped by reading great stuff like the Nao of Brown and the latest Sunstone as part of my comics stack – so I didn’t exactly relate in this particular circumstance but I’m hardly complaining as grumpy iFanboy is always super fun iFanboy.

    As for the pick of the week, I loved it as I love pretty much everything that Brubaker and Phillips do but one thing about that demon: didn’t the ending of the previous arc pretty strongly hint that the demon really was only a figment of his imagination, based on some of his father’s old illustrations? Am I misremembering it?

    • I loved loved loved Sex Criminals for the entire first volume but I also didn’t care for #16. It has gone from a book with a ton of momentum to a book in which people just sit around talking. And it has gotten a little formulaic as well. It seems every issue someone tells Jon he’s an idiot, he gets pissed and says something stupid, Suze gets pissed at him, they fight, make up, have sex, repeat next issue. And for a book that only come out once or twice a year now it’s just hard to get excited about. And frankly Fraction’s ego has gotten a little tiresome regarding this book. He talks in the recaps and letter column about it having way more theme and subtext than it actually does. The art is still great and the dialogue is still as snappy and sharp as ever but there’s just no there there anymore. I’d drop it but when it’s only one issue every 6 months or so I’ll probably just keep buying it until they wrap-up.

    • That’s fair enough. I can definitely see why the directionless of the later volumes of this series is a turn off for people but I actually rather like it in this series, in much the same way I preferred the directionless of the middle parts of Strangers in Paradise than the much more focused initial volumes. Still, the slooooooooow release schedule definitely doesn’t help.

      Though, apparently, we’ll actually be seeing this current arc released monthly. I’ll believe it when I see it but the whole thing is supposed to be in the bag so here’s hoping,

    • EXACTLY what USPUNX just said.

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