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Pick of the Week #571 – The Flash #16

Show Notes

This week there are 20 year old movie and television references, costume complaints, more bounties are offered, Post-Coital Thor returns, and — whoops — we forgot to talk about the Rebirth book!

Running Time: 00:55:43

Pick of the Week:
00:01:29 – The Flash #16

Comics:The Flash_16
00:10:01 – The Unworthy Thor #4
00:14:59 – IvX #4
00:20:00 – Jessica Jones #5
00:25:08 – The Wicked + The Divine #26
00:25:30 – Power Man and Iron Fist #13
00:26:23 – Detective Comics #950
00:29:08 – Action Comics #973

Star Wars Corner:
00:31:40 – Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #4

Patron Pick:
00:33:50 – Kingpin #1

Patron Thanks:
00:38:55 – Tim Meakins
00:41:43 – Jeffrey Wisniewski
00:43:13 – Jacen Chris Baker
00:44:04 – Pedro Piquer

Audience Question:
00:45:22 – Alex from Brazil is a long time DC fan who is worried about the future.

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Jimmy Eat World


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  1. How did you find out Power man and Iron fist is ending? What a bummer, that was my favorite Marvel book too.

  2. I love Jimmy Eat World. I knew it was going to be a great episode from the opening song. I wasn’t expecting it to be a crazy hilarious episode that would leave me with so many questions.

    1. What happened to the W+D? 22 seconds? It seemed like it got cut out by how quickly the discussion changed to Power Man and Iron Fist. Which I agree that it’s a bummer to hear the series is ending.

    2. Action Comics – So what’s happening with 52 Clark returning? I wanted spoilers! I just want the storyline over with so they can focus on Superman and Son goodness.

    3. JLA Rebirth – Did you guys read it and just forget to talk about it? Or didn’t realize it came out?

    4. Star Wars Bureaucracy…uhhhhh isn’t that the worst of the prequels?

    5. So what song did Josh have in his head that he needs a patron to figure it out?

    And Alex, I completely understand how you feel. I grew up with Tim Drake, Kyle Rayner, Wally West and read DC in the 90’s from Death of Superman to Final Crisis in the 2000’s as devotedly as Ron followed the X-Men The fictional moments in these characters lives really had an impact, especially their various deaths or book cancellations. That’s the power and magic of escapism in comics.

    So you are definitely not the first to go through this. Every generation of comics fans has. You can read old letters columns or Wizard magazines with fans outraged and heartbroken at the death of Barry in the 80’s, Hal in the 90’s that by the 2000’s we had all just accepted that characters are killed and come back. I would argue that the New52 was even worse than the death of many characters. Instead they were written by Scott Lobdell (ughh). But all it takes is the right creative team with the right pitch to pull you back in!

    • 1. Ron only had a brief thing to say about it. Sometimes 22 seconds is enough.

      2. Nothing happened to move the “Clark Kent” storyline forward. There was nothing to spoil. Rumors are now that the answers won’t come until the “Superman Reborn” crossover.

      3. We read it but, as we said in the drop-in, it was accidentally left out of the script.

      4. The what?

      5. I got nothing on that!

  3. That connection– to comics.

    I believe that DC made a wholesale mistake with the new 52 but is Sincerely trying to rectify that as much as they can in today’s marketplace.
    Trying to recognize their fan base and Also seeing what works with their classic characters,classic meaning enduring in both our minds and meaning and in the sense of a successful product.
    I think Marvel has almost irrevocably been damaged by the MCU and trickle down influence by being owned by the largest entertainment company in the world. And instead of recognizing the strength of their core products they are bent on a “New and Improved TIde” marketing campaign.
    This is car salemanship of comics.

  4. I’d like to see this make it’s way to a future podcast:

    Lyn Taitt and The Jets – Batman

  5. Technical question: Did your RSS feed change recently? I notice that the individual show notes aren’t coming through on Pocket Casts for the last few weeks. The problem might be on their side, but wanted to check.

    Thanks for another great show!

  6. Do any long time listeners miss when iFanboy would answer romance questions for Valentine’s Day? I always thought that was great

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