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Mediasplode #16 – Mailbag!

Show Notes

Thanks to our awesome Patrons, we’re proud to present another episode of Mediasplode!

Running Time: 00:56:45

This month, Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick are joined by their original co-host Ron Richards to discuss…

What We’ve Been Enjoying:
00:01:04 – Josh has been watching Dr. Death, finished Justified, and checked out Clarkson’s Farm.
00:09:05 – Conor finished Schitt’s Creek, has watched Making the Cut, Making It, and Lupin, is rewatching the first season of Ted Lasso, and thinks that maybe a deep dive into The Fast & The Furious franchise is next.
00:13:33 – Ron watched No Sudden Move and Punk, and has been watching Atlantic Crossing and Gossip Girl.
00:21:05 – Also, when Conor was sick recently he spent an entire day on the couch watching Van der Valk.

Listener Mail:
00:21:50 – Brad P. from Canada knows that the guys are big J.K. Simmons fans and wants to know if they’ve seen Counterpart.
00:24:51 – Adam from Orlando, FL takes issues with Conor taking issue with the idea that movies from the 90s are old.
00:38:52 – Terrence F. from Fort Worth, TX wants the guys to pick their TV doctor all-star squad.
00:44:09 – Tom L. from Arnold, MD wants to know if Josh and Ron have plans to see live music this year.
00:47:49 – Steve B. from Maryland watches a Keeping the Faith all the time and wants to know if that’s normal.


What’s a Mediasplode? It’s a monthly special edition show in which we talk about what we are enjoying in media outside of the realm of comic books. It’s like our All Media Year End Round-Up but in a shorter, monthly format.

“Panic Switch”
Silversun Pickups


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  1. GRANTed, I’m a devout Morrison fan, but I loved Brave New World. Alden Erenriech and Harry Lloyd gave great performances.

  2. It may be too late to be of any use, but Conor, the first two Fast and the Furious films are on HBO Max and 3-5 are available free with ads on Peacock.

    • Yeah, I found the first two on HBO MAX after we recorded! I don’t know why it wasn’t showing up on JustWatch as an option when I checked before the show.

  3. 00:21:50 – Brad P. from Canada knows that the guys are big J.K. Simmons fans and wants to know if they’ve seen Counterpoint.


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