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Mediasplode #12 – The 2021 Academy Award Nominations and the Weird Year for Movies

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Thanks to our awesome Patrons, we’re proud to present another episode of Mediasplode!

Running Time: 00:53:45

This month, Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick (who has had a few cocktails) are joined by their original co-host Ron Richards to discuss…

Quarantine Entertainment:
00:01:15 – Conor has been watching Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy.
00:05:53 – Ron has been watching Staged.
00:12:10 – Josh has been watching every Denzel Washington movie he can find.

00:16:03 – The 2021 Academy Award Nominations and the Weird Year for Movies


What’s a Mediasplode? It’s a monthly special edition show in which we talk about what we are enjoying in media outside of the realm of comic books. It’s like our All Media Year End Round-Up but in a shorter, monthly format.

“Let’s Go to the Movies”
The Cast of Annie


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  1. David Tennant and Michael Sheen on the importance of levity in lockdown
    via a skit about the London plague of 1592.


  2. Disney+ needs to quit it with this one epsiode a week bullsh*t.
    I totally see the value in creating suspense by not dumping all the episodes at once
    but this isn’t broadcast tv.
    Streaming needs a few eps to binge, it doesn’t have to be all of them – Amazon- even Sony got it right with 2-3 episode drops.
    And with Disney raising prices , surely not the last price increase to happen in the near future, they need to fix their UI and realize that they still don’t have enough to offer with original programming than trying to manipulate them into an ongoing subscription just yet.
    Disney+ is a month to month service at best right now.

    • This comes across as a bit entitled honestly and unrealistic. Amazon would drop all of its episodes at once until the pandemic. With the lack of shows that could be filmed, it changed its model with The Boys and now Invincible by dropping 3 episodes at once followed by going weekly. Even just dropping the first episode of Invincible with the hook at the end of it would have been enough. Hulu which Disney is the majority owner does the 3 episodes followed by weekly ones and it works, but also just one episode a week would be fine. Very few people get Disney+ for just original programming which is a foolish way to use the service. It was the same way with Netflix with the biggest views being for Parks and Rec, Friends, and The Office when they were all on there. On Disney+, you have the MCU, Marvel animated shows, all the Star Wars content, and so on all on one service. I can just watch any episode of Gargoyles or the 90s animated Spider-Man show when I want to do it which is great.

      Streaming doesn’t need a few episodes to binge and HBO still is week to week for new episodes which is a premium service. People have become impatient and no longer know how to watch TV. The second season for The Boys got more views than the first season and by going weekly, a show is in the conversation for a longer period of time. Stranger Things has a ton of views for a weekend and then no one talks about it with dropping all at once which I know you said Disney+ doesn’t have to do. Netflix has too much content in the first place and Disney+ allows people to focus on one show over a period of time. The UI does need to be fixed, but it needs to stay week to week for new shows. That’s just good business and once The Mandalorian and whatever other show finishes, people aren’t cancelling Disney+. I just don’t think it’s smart to get Disney+ for only original programming and Disney+ is a heck of a deal with all of the content on there.

    • Maybe I’m in the minority, but I absolutely love the weekly drops. It gives each episode time to breath and talk to friends about theories and guesses for what’s gonna happen next. It’s fun and, personally, I don’t have time for three or four hour drops of minimovies every week so this works out great for my life with a 9month old.

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