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Mediasplode #10 – The Mandalorian, Season 2

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This month, Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick are joined by their original co-host Ron Richards to discuss…

Quarantine Streaming:
00:01:06 – Josh watched The Americans.
00:06:04 – Ron watched The Expanse.
00:08:56 – Conor watched Roadkill.
00:10:50 – There are too many streaming shows and movies to keep track of.

00:11:25 – The Mandalorian, Season 2.


What’s a Mediasplode? It’s a monthly special edition show in which we talk about what we are enjoying in media outside of the realm of comic books. It’s like our All Media Year End Round-Up but in a shorter, monthly format.

“The Mandalorian”
Ludwig Göransson


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  1. Ron truly is a quizzical creature.
    On one hand he completely endorses Star Trek Discovery.
    But takes issue with the true to spirit and very well written Clone Wars and Rebels animated series.
    Insert hands up -don’t know- emoji

    • Star Trek Discovery and Picard are such bad shows and are incredibly poorly written sci-fi. Now Clone Wars by Filoni was incredibly up and down though where the majority of the first 2 seasons are terrible. The beginning of season 3 other than the clone episodes is bad until you get to the Nightsisters arc. Half of the show just isn’t good and it doesn’t help that we already got the Tartakovsky show along with the Republic series of comics and great books like Shatterpoint, Yoda: Dark Rendezvous, and the Republic Commando series. There is some serious revisionist history with Filoni’s show at this point where it was controversial as it came out week to week with its reaction from hardcore Star Wars fans. Season 7 represented the quality of the show well with a really good, but not necessary first arc followed by a terrible second arc and then great final arc. Ahsoka’s existence still doesn’t work as such a big retcon. That could never get fixed at the Order 66 scene where it’s bizarre for Anakin to not ask about her or for Palpatine to mention her. Then of course it’s not consistent with ROTS where Anakin and Obi-Wan fought Dooku 3 times together and Obi-Wan fought Grievous twice in the show. So why would Obi-Wan say they’re doing it together to Anakin and why would Grievous say he was trained by Dooku? They already knew that. Filoni was at his best typically with the clones, but the Grievous portrayal was embarrassing especially after the Tartakovsky show and comics when he was a legitimate threat and earned being called the Jedi killer. I don’t believe he could ever kill a Jedi in Filoni’s show since Ahsoka got him to accidentally cut off his own hand as a 14 year old. Ahsoka also deflects more blaster bolts from clones as a 17 year old in the finale than Ki-Adi-Mundi as a Jedi Master in ROTS. She is just way too good at times.

      Then Rebels has one consistently really good season which was season 2. Seasons 3 and 4 were messes with a terrible portrayal of Thrawn and Rukh along with ridiculous nonsense like the World Between Worlds and teleporting space whales. The first season was too childish at times and wasn’t great either, however, it showed potential. Ahsoka not only being alive during the OT, but being alive afterwards still doesn’t work. Remember how worried Hera was about telling Kanan how she felt and kissing him, but they had sex before resulting in a child from the epilogue so what was the point of that? Those shows just aren’t consistently well written. If you only focus on the good to great episodes, there is an argument for that. However, I can’t and it’s not the case when you look at both shows overall.

    • That was MUCH longer than I expected it to be and is a long winded way of saying that people are better off watching Tartakovsky’s show and reading the Republic comic series than Filoni’s Clone Wars. They’re consistently better stories and you don’t have to skip anything where there aren’t continuity issues. Then quit watching Rebels after season 2 or just watch select episodes in 3 and 4.

  2. I’m definately one of the people that doesn’t care that much about Boba Fett. For me Fett is cool but I was way more excited to see Ahsoka and Bo Katan. If season three is predominatly about Jin reluctantly leading Mandalore with some kind of interesting conflic regarding Bo and rights over the darksaber I’m all in.

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