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Pick of the Week #109 – Dan Dare #1

Show Notes

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Running Time: 00:59:56

Pick of the Week:
00:01:11 – Conor’s Pick of the Week came from out of left field, with Garth Ennis’s Dan Dare #1, from Virgin Comics.

00:11:20 – Conor’s way down with Gotham Underground #2.
00:14:31 – 52 Aftermath: Crime Bible: The Five Lessons of Blood #2 was much better than the first issue, but still has the worst title current in comics.
00:18:59 – “One More Day” becomes a cruel and ironic title in The Sensational Spider-Man #41.
00:25:16 – Conor thought he had it, but then he lost it, with Faker #5.
00:27:40 – Ron wants you to read the Popgun, Vol. 1 Anthology. But it’s big, so he’ll let you know if it’s any good after he reads it.
00:30:39 – Conor’s the last man standing on Batman #671.
00:31:03 – Conor stands alone a bit more on Death of the New Gods #3.
00:32:07 – Chris Bachalo confuses some more on X-Men #205.
00:34:20 – One half of Countdown to Adventure #4 is fantastic. The other half? Not so much.
00:36:49 – Fear Agent #17 is back on the horse. The alien, robot horse.

00:38:36 – Doculright wants to find the love for Marvel’s Annihilation books.
00:40:25 – Glenn from Texas is feeling a bit in the doldrums about his books. Can we save a comic reader?!?
00:46:27 – John from Brooklyn, NY asks if we know anything about Cerebus.

00:48:30 – Rob from Detroit, MI tells us we missed out on the first two issues of Proof.
00:50:05 – Brad likes the Namor mini-series, and he’s VERY excited about how it ended.
00:52:23 – Brian B. liked that we liked Powers #27, and takes issue with Darrel’s criticisms.

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