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Pick of the Week #85 – Strangers in Paradise #90 (Live from Heroes Con!)

Show Notes

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Running Time: 01:06:27

00:01:32 – RIP Daniel Robert Epstein.

Pick of the Week:
00:02:29 – Ron’s surprise Pick of the Week was Strangers in Paradise #90! Shocking.

00:10:00 – The New Avengers #31 last page was shocking! Right? Right…?
00:15:11 – The guys are really enjoyed Countdown #46.
00:18:33 – Josh is blown away by how much he loved Nova #3.
00:22:00 – Ron and Conor are sad to see Green Arrow go.
00:24:20 – World War Hulk #1 split the iFanboys down the middle.
00:28:09 – Franklin Richards: World Be Warned is great for kids.
00:30:41 – Black Diamond #1 merged Ron’s love of comics and cars.

Trade Talk:
00:32:18 – Ron and Conor review The Plain Janes and Re-Gifters, the first two books from DC’s new teenage-girl aimed Minx line.

Audience Questions:
00:39:13 – Jim B. from Atlanta, GA wants to know if the Minx books are in fact good for teenage girls.
00:41:28 – Kaylon from Green Creek, NC has a question about frequent caller Darrel from New York.
00:43:43 – Unknown clears up the timeline in the DC Universe.

00:44:57 – Beau from Chicago, IL can’t figure out what comics to keep.
00:48:57 – David from Boxford, MA wants to know what makes a Marvel and a DC fan.

Another Audience Question:
00:53:43 – Vito from Brooklyn, NY has a question about first bought versus first given comics.

More E-Mail:
00:57:22 – Ren from Columbus, OH doesn’t know why people love The Dark Knight Returns.
01:01:53 – Leigh from Geelong, Australia wants to know where Batman gets his trophies.

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