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Pick of the Week #106 – Astonishing X-Men #23

Show Notes

This week’s iFanboy Pick of the Week is sponsored by Jim Hanley’s Universe and NetFlix!

Running Time: 00:58:22

00:00:40 – Josh is alive!

Pick of the Week:
00:03:10 – Conor reveals why Joss Whedon and Cyclops made Astonishing X-Men #23 his Pick of the Week.

00:12:22 – No one saw the reveal in The New Avengers: Illuminati #5 coming!
00:21:14 – Conor and Ron are enthusiastically on-board for Uncanny X-Men #492.
00:24:05 – Criminal #10 wrapped things up perfectly!
00:27:41 – Ron was the only one not to miss Lower Regions.
00:30:31 – A trip into the future made Jonah Hex #25 awesome.
00:31:37 – Josh was really not impressed by Peter Milligan on Robin #168.
00:33:04 – The iFanboys are coming in late with Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin #3.
00:35:14 – Conor and Ron loved them some Buffy the Vampire Slayer #8.
00:36:08 – Ron was surprised to buy and like Fantastic Four #551.
00:37:18 – Scalped #11 is so good it has a money back guarantee!

00:40:09 – Fletcher from Canada has a pet problem.
00:42:11 – Adrian R. from Hungerford, UK stirs the “trade vs. issue” pot.

00:49:06 – Chris from North Missouri asks if anyone else likes Cable/Deadpool.
00:50:41 – Rusty from Arkansas admits he was wrong… with a caveat.

More News:
00:53:25 – There’s a Beowulf winner!
00:53:58 – Check out the new iFanboy store!

“Immigrant Punk”
Gogol Bordello

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