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Pick of the Week #69 – Robin #159

Show Notes

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Running Time: 00:54:50

Pick of the Week:
00:01:13 – In a week chock full of quality books and big events, Josh says Robin #159 is the Pick of the Week!

00:10:59 – A little book called Civil War #7 came out.
00:21:36 – The Amazing Spider-Man #538 made the iFanboys angry.
00:25:26 – Josh loved Hellblazer #229!
00:27:30 – Ron loved Local #8!
00:30:57 – And Conor loved The Brave and The Bold #1!
00:34:26 – Holy cow, was the art in 52 Week 42 good!

00:37:34 – Justin wants to know the definition of a comic book “event”.
00:39:19 – medgecombe takes issue with Ron & Conor’s review of Ghost Rider.
00:41:41 – Six Gun has questions about Ed Brubaker, 300, and posits a Sophie’s Choice scenario.

00:43:11 – Robert from San Jose, CA wants Ron to stop saying “awesome” and lay off of Sandman fans.
00:44:46 – Andy from Charlotte, NC hated Civil War #7.
00:46:50 – Arlen from Liberty Island has a question about Penance.

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