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Pick of the Week #39 – The Escapists #1

Show Notes

I’m going to warn you right now, I think the heat is getting to us…

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Running Time: 00:51:22

Pick of the Week:
00:01:32 – The mystery behind Conor’s pick, The Escapists #1 is explained.

00:12:07 – We wrap up the other books of note this week, beginning with 52 Week 10.
00:15:59 – You can’t avoid talking about Civil War, and neither can we with Civil War: Front Line #3.
00:20:12 – And Ron wasn’t impressed by X-Men #188.

00:26:14 – Miguel has three questions he needs answered and we’re up to the task.
00:28:33 – The iFanboy Relationship hotline is open as Carlos has a problem with comics and his girlfriend and he needs advice.
00:32:31 – Vince has advice for “The Bat.”
00:32:53 – Michael demands we answer his question about Superman Returns.

00:36:13 – Mike from Greenwood, South Carolina wants us to go to Heroes Con next year.
00:38:07 – Nate from Canton, Ohio brings the funny and wants to know more about the music of the show.

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00:41:33 – SAN DIEGO IS COMING! Check out the details of our coverage.
00:45:36 – The Frappr map is up to 237 people!
00:46:38 – Check out our profile on Myspace.

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