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Pick of the Week #112 – Checkmate #21

Show Notes

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Running Time: 01:01:47

Pick of the Week:
00:02:40 – Conor gets his Queen and Country fix with his Pick of the Week, Checkmate #21!

00:11:11 – Josh and Conor are equally impressed by The Circle #2 from Image Comics.
00:14:01 – Batman/Superman #44 is still kicking and Conor actually enjoyed this issue.
00:19:24 – Ron thinks it hurts to read The Mighty Avengers #6, not because it’s bad, but because it’s so late.
00:29:18 – Josh is loving Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin, and Conor looks forward to loving it.
00:31:01 – Ron brings the weekly Messiah Complex update with New X-Men #45.
00:33:41 – Ron questions Josh’s interest in The Immortal Iron Fist #11, but he ended up totally agreeing.
00:36:30 – Ex Machina #33 ends the current story arc on a high note.
00:38:20 – Conor and Ron come to blows over the Marvel Holiday Special!

00:44:04 – Will (AKA Six Gun) disagreed with our thoughts on the end of the “Sinestro Corps War” in Green Lantern.
00:48:15 – Cameron from San Diego, CA shares his holiday shopping highlights.
00:50:06 – Eddie from California wants to hear about the books we read in trade.
00:52:30 – Tad Stones has a plea for the rest of the iFanboy listeners.

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00:55:24 – Another live show? Really? We’ll be at Jim Hanley’s Universe in Manhattan on December 28 at 8PM. More details to follow.
00:56:08 – Did you catch our podcast with Ed Burns and Jimmy Palmiotti about their comic Dock Walloper?
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“The River”
Robert Downey Jr.


“Christmas Wrapping”
The Waitresses

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