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Pick of the Week #51 – Green Arrow #67

Show Notes

We’re tired and a little grumpy, which always leads to fun conversation full of complaints!

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Running Time: 00:55:04

Pick of the Week:
00:01:57 – A hungover Conor picked Green Arrow #67 as the best book of a bad week.

00:10:42 – Powers #20 gets the briefest of mentions.
00:11:00 – Ron loves Stan Lee Meets Dr. Strange, and spends a LONG time telling us why.
00:17:28 – iFanboy agrees — Ultimate Power #1 was terrible!
00:20:18 – Ron is not sure why he bought Gen 13 #1.
00:22:40 – The guys are split on Uncanny X-Men #479.
00:24:31 – The Escapists #4 was almost Conor’s Pick of the Week.
00:26:55 – Josh loved Fables #54 and the most recent Y: The Last Man.

Trade Talk:
00:27:19 – Conor & Josh love Invincible, Vol. 7: Three’s Company almost as much as they love pie.

00:32:24 – Dave thinks we don’t like The Boys because we don’t know Brits.
00:34:34 – Brandon wants to know what Garth Ennis trades to buy and what we think of Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing and Frank Miller’s 300.
00:37:33 – Steve takes one of us to task for mispronouncing “Galactus.”
00:38:34 – Matt wants to know why we hate eBay!
00:41:45 – Hub says no more guests on the show!

00:44:20 – Gaumer calls again to say how much he loved one of the characters in Criminal #1.
00:45:03 – Darren is new to the show and wants to know who would win in an all Green Lantern brawl.
00:46:52 – Logan didn’t like last week’s guest Jonathan London and thinks maybe it’s an LA thing.

00:49:48 – Another big week for the Frappr map. We’re at 429! and got some great comments. Check them out!

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