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Pick of the Week #64 – Ultimate X-Men #78

Show Notes

iFanboy is sick.

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Running Time: 01:03:31

But First:
00:02:48 – Ron ruined the surprises in all of Conor’s books.

Pick of the Week:
00:04:08 – Ron loved Ultimate X-Men #78 as the Pick of the Week. It only took him about 75 issues!

00:13:15 – Ultimate Spider-Man #104 brings the clone saga to an end. Finally.
00:17:09 – Despite the art, Ron and Josh loved Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes II #5.
00:23:12 – The 52 love rolls on, despite being let down by the rebirth of Animal Man and the identity of Supernova.
00:26:14 – Conor thought that Green Lantern #16 ruled.
00:29:55 – Josh’s Pick of the Week? The Spirit #2.

Trade Talk:
00:33:11 – Josh finally read DC: The New Frontier (in Absolute form) and was blown away.

00:39:27 – Hey, we launched a video show!

00:44:50 – Troy recommends the anthology called Flight.
00:49:54 – Paul thinks that DC editorial has it in for the Giffen-era Justice League.
00:52:00 – Matthew wants to know what’s the one regular title we buy no matter what.

00:53:04 – Francis from the Florence City Board of Education has a customer service issue.
00:54:36 – Chris from Long Island, NY wants to know what the important Avengers and JLA stories are.
00:57:54 – Derek from Philadelphia, PA loved the Justice League episode of Smallville, hates Civil War, wants Darkhawk to come back and is pissed of about what Marvel did to Speedball.

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