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Pick of the Week #71 – Captain America #25

Show Notes

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Running Time: 00:58:32

Pick of the Week:
00:03:25 – Conor chooses the most obvious Pick of the Week: Captain America #25.

00:12:02 – The Mighty Avengers are indeed quite mighty.
00:17:01 – The team is divided on Civil War: The Initiative.
00:22:15 – Conor is back on the Ultimate Spider-Man train now that the Clone Sage is over. And Ron and Josh are on it with him.
00:23:55 – Brubaker’s dominion continues with the excellent Criminal #5.
00:26:05 – Up is down and black is white, but Conor’s still hating Justice League of America, but Josh doesn’t. Not that he can explain the story to you.

00:30:35 – Yasmin wants to know what we like in comic book art.
00:35:01 – Chris wants to know if Nightwing is any good. Another letter from Jon says, “No, no it is not.”
00:38:27 – David liked The O.C., and wants to know if there are any good relationship comics out there. Ron and Josh give him several options.

00:42:42 – Robert is taking a stand against Marvel Comics. No more!
00:44:49 – Dave from Denver is taking this whole Cap thing kinda badly. We try to be there for him.
00:45:43 – A non-stalking Darrell is worried that we’re gonna have a return to the days of the 90’s speculator market and events without substance.

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