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iFanboy Mini #95 – San Diego Comic-Con 2008: Day 1 featuring the X-Men and Superman

Show Notes

The news of a new “Inferno” story had Ron Richards very happy about the direction the X-Men are taking. If you’re on Twitter, you can follow Agent M.

Plus, Conor Kilpatrick has the news of Geoff Johns and his plans on Superman through 2010, which suggests that Geoff Johns won’t be leaving DC Comics anytime soon.


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  1. I think this has "Walking Dead Mini show"-itus.

    It’s not playing in Firefox.



  2. For anyone having the same problem, the video is playing fine at Rev 3’s site. It’s just fubar here so far.

  3. There seems to be an issue on the embedded code -sorry about that – go to http://revision3.com/ifmini/2008-07-25SDCCThursday to watch it on Revision3

  4. How can they do a sequel to Inferno?  This puzzles me deeply.  (Also, why, but that’s another issue).

  5. @ ohcaroline.  Were you reading New X-men last year when they did the limbo story?  This sounds like it spins directly out of that. 

  6. @Anson  Yeah, that makes sense.  I was thinking more about Madelyne, but they could get the same result with Illyana.  I just don’t know if we NEED more sentient fire hydrants and mailboxes, you know?

  7. Well we probably don’t need the mailboxes and Fire hydrants, but we could totally use more scantily clad, evil hot women.  Don’t get enough of them in these prudish 00’s.

    Wait, did I just say that? I must have, I think I went through puberty because of the first inferno, AND now I’m creepy, awesome.

  8. @CAM  So what you’re saying is that the REAL problem with Greg Land is he’s tracing the wrong parts of the porn.  And then he draws too many clothes over it.  The bastard.

  9. The video on this page is working now – sorry about that

  10. If Geoff Johns goes over to Marvel I will weep deep, bitter tears.

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